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Victory! Facebook ‘friends’ renewable energy

Story contains video via Green Peace | Mon December 19, 2011
After 20 months of mobilising, agitating and negotiating to green Facebook, the Internet giant has today announced its goal to run on clean, renewable energy. More than 700,000 people from all over the world joined to make this victory possible!

Harnessing desert sun to power Europe

via BBC | Thu December 08, 2011
It is a beguiling idea - harvest sunshine, and a little wind, from the empty deserts of North Africa and the Middle East, and use it to produce clean power for the region and for Europe.

Shark Fin Soup Off The Menu At China Luxury Hotels

via Forbes | Tue November 29, 2011
Somewhere deep in the Pacific Ocean, seventy million reef sharks are saying thank you in their own sharky language.

Shark Fin Soup Off The Menu At China Luxury Hotels

via Forbes | Tue November 29, 2011
Somewhere deep in the Pacific Ocean, seventy million reef sharks are saying thank you in their own sharky language.

Apparel exporters to end child labour, cleanse supply

via Economic Times | Sun November 20, 2011
Censured for engaging child labour by gloabl apparel brands, the Indian apparel export industry has decided to adopt zero tolerance on child labour and cleanse the supply chain.

The First Global Revolution Has Begun

via Triple Pundit | Tue November 15, 2011
If you rely on the corporate media for your news, you may not be aware that this is the most significant revolutionary period in human history.

Is Greener Air Travel on the Horizon?

via GreenBiz | Mon November 07, 2011
Technological progress is impossible to predict, but it's safe bet that we won't be flying solar- or wind-powered airplanes anytime soon. So the best hope of flying without emitting large volumes of greenhouse gases lies with biofuels.

‘Historic’ deal to halt hazardous waste export to south

via Terra Daily | Fri October 28, 2011
Leading world economies will no longer be able to export hazardous waste to poorer nations unless they obtain the latter's consent, a spokesman from the UN environment agency said Tuesday.

Virgin claims its new jet fuel will have half the carbon footprint of others

via Gizmag | Thu October 13, 2011
Virgin Atlantic Airways is planning to capture gases from steel mills, to create a new low-carbon jet fuel.

Dirty Nappies Recycled To Make Roof Tiles

via Sky News | Thu September 22, 2011
Britain's first recycling plant for disposable nappies is opening in a bid to reduce the huge amounts sent to landfill every year.

Wal-Mart Takes Another Step Towards Food Sustainability

via Triple Pundit | Wed August 31, 2011
It appears that retail giant Wal-Mart is ready to take another step on its sustainability journey. Sources within the food industry are reporting that Wal-Mart is planning to begin collecting data from its fruit and vegetable vendors in order to assess the sustainability of their operations.

UN Shipping Group Moves on Vessel Emission Reductions

via Triple Pundit | Thu July 21, 2011
An International Maritime Organization panel adopted what it calls mandatory design and operational measures to reduce greenhouse gases from international shipping.

Teatulia: A tea company helps lift a village out of poverty

via CNN | Tue July 05, 2011
For some businesses, giving back means making a tax-deductible donation to a local little league team. But for Teatulia, an organic tea company, giving back means creating a better life for a community halfway around the globe.

India introduces e-waste law

GNN staff | Wed June 15, 2011
A campaign forfronted by Greenpeace has after 6 years finally led to a legislation that make producers financially liable for the products they produces after the products life-span.

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