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New law to protect Puerto Rico leatherback turtles

via BBC | Sun April 14, 2013
Puerto Rico has introduced a new law protecting a swathe of the island's coast that has become a major nesting site for the world's largest turtle, the leatherback.

China, world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gasses, will tax carbon

Story contains video Wed February 20, 2013
China’s Ministry of Finance has announced that the country will levy a tax on carbon emissions, reports Xinhua.

New wind power cheaper than coal or gas in Australia

Story contains video via MongaBay | Mon February 11, 2013
Electricity supplied from a new wind farm is cheaper than that from a new gas or coal-fired power plant in Australia, reports a new analysis published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Gorillas to Be Protected with New Congo National Park

Story contains video via Live Science | Sat February 02, 2013
The Republic of Congo has declared a new national park that conservationists hope with protect a core population of western lowland gorillas, a critically endangered species, as well as other threatened species, the Wildlife Conservation Society announced.

From the brink of extinction: elephant seals stage remarkable comeback

Story contains video via MongaBay | Wed January 23, 2013
In the 19th century the Northern Pacific Elephant was thought to be extinct until a small population was discovered on an island of Baja California in 1892. Since then, the species has staged a remarkable comeback which was greatly accelerated by protective measures adopted by the U.S. and Mexican governments.

Nations agree on legally binding mercury rules

via BBC | Sat January 19, 2013
More than 140 countries have agreed on a set of legally binding measures to curb mercury pollution, at UN talks.

Six million turn out for global garbage clean-up

via Terra Daily | Fri January 11, 2013
More than six million volunteers from 96 countries collected an unprecedented 100,000 tonnes of garbage last year as part of a global, web-driven clean-up campaign, cyber-environmentalists said Friday.

Obama triples area of protected California coastline

via MongaBay | Sat December 22, 2012
On Friday President Obama announced the government would add almost 3,000 square miles of California coastline to the National Marine Sanctuary system, reports the Sierra Club.

Swiss Parliament Passes Plastic Bag Ban

via ENS | Thu December 20, 2012
Switzerland’s Parliament has approved a motion banning single-use plastic shopping bags. Both houses of the Swiss Parliament Thursday voted to forbid the distribution of the plastic bags. The next step is for the government to implement the ban.

This week, a shark sanctuary the size of Australia has been established

via BBC | Thu December 13, 2012
The Cook Islands has approved a shark sanctuary in its waters, making for the largest such sanctuary in the world.

French move boosts shark sanctuaries

via Terra Daily | Sun December 09, 2012
Green campaigners on Friday hailed a decision by France that they said would create the world's biggest shark sanctuary.

Canada introduces new rules to curb future vehicle emissions

via CTV | Wed November 28, 2012
OTTAWA -- On the eve of global climate talks that will put Canada's contentious policies under the microscope, Ottawa has introduced its next set of rules to cut greenhouse gas emissions from cars and light trucks.

Brazil says Amazon deforestation at record low

via AFP | Tue November 27, 2012
Deforestation of Brazil's Amazon has slowed for a fourth consecutive year to its lowest rate since authorities began monitoring the world's largest rainforest, officials said Tuesday.

Australia outlaws illegally-logged wood from abroad

via MongaBay | Mon November 26, 2012
In another blow to illegal loggers, Australia has passed the Illegal Logging Prohibition Bill, joining the U.S. in outlawing the importation of illegal logged timber from abroad.

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