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Conservation group buys 105 acres on Oyster Bay

via Ledger Enquirer | Sun March 14, 2004
The Nature Conservancy's purchase of a 105-acre tract of coastal marshland and maritime forest will expand a federal wildlife refuge on Fort Morgan peninsula.

Grizzly bears flourishing in Yellowstone

via UPI | Sat March 13, 2004
The grizzly bear, on the edge of extinction in the lower 48 states just 25 years ago, is recolonizing its habitat south of Yellowstone National Park for the first time in a hundred years, a study has found.

Swordfish Ban Aim: Saving Turtles

via CBS | Fri March 12, 2004
The federal government has banned commercial fishing for swordfish in a large swath of the Pacific Ocean in a move to protect endangered sea turtles that were being killed or injured by the hooks.

Algonquin Wolves To Be Protected At Last

via CPIW Society | Thu March 11, 2004
Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources has announced a proposal to permanently protect the wolves of Algonquin Park, and develop a provincial wolf conservation policy.

Tiger saved from poachers’ snare

via BBC | Wed March 10, 2004
One of the world's most endangered big cats, a Siberian tiger, has been saved from a poachers' trap and turned loose.

Wind Power up 20% in 2003

via Waste News | Wed March 10, 2004
The global wind power industry installed 8,133 megawatts of capacity last year, dominated by United States and Europe, according to figures released March 10.

Rwanda’s Primate-Rich Forests Now A National Park

via Environmental News Network | Tue March 09, 2004
One of the world's great centers of primate diversity is now a national park, created in one of Africa's smallest and most densely populated nations. With the help of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the government of Rwanda has recently established Nyungwe National Park, a rich landscape that contains 13 different types of primate, along with 260 bird species, and more than 260 species of trees and shrubs.

Kakapo numbers set to keep rising

via Southland Times | Mon March 08, 2004
New Zealand's kakapo recovery programme had turned the corner and numbers of the endangered native parrot species looked set to continue increasing, conservationist Don Merton said in Invercargill yesterday.

New wetland site announced

via Green Consumer Guide | Sun March 07, 2004
Defra has announced the creation of a new wetland site in Essex, which will reclaim wetland areas lost to port construction in the last decade. The new wetland at Wallasea Island will create a habitat for several sensitive bird species and also improve flood defences in the area.

More than 185 Countries Unite to Protect the World’s Critical Ecosystems Under Historic New Commitme

via Nature Conservancy | Tue March 02, 2004
More than 185 governments have agreed to some of the most ambitious and specific commitments ever to protect the world's critical ecosystems.

Endangered Siberian tiger gives births to sextuplets in China zoo

via Xinhua | Mon March 01, 2004
A Siberian tiger has given birth to sextuplets at a zoo in east China's Zhejiang Province, boostingthe endangered species' population, which had been estimated at less than 400 in the wild, local zoo officials said

EU stands firm on Kyoto

via Green Consumer Guide | Mon March 01, 2004
The European Union has rejected calls for changes in its implementation of the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change, and reiterated its support for the programme.

New Marine Conservation Area to Span Four Nations

via National Geographic | Sun February 29, 2004
The creation of one of the world's largest marine protected areas was announced this week by a consortium of Latin American nations, conservation groups, and United Nations agencies. The new reserve will span 521 million acres (211 million hectares) of ocean, from Costa Rica's Cocos Island to Ecuador's Galapagos Islands and beyond.

Greenpeace offers Indonesia proof of illegal logging

via The Age | Thu February 26, 2004
Conservation group Greenpeace is blockading two rivers in Kalimantan on the island of Borneo, hoping a mounting pile of illegally cut trees will embarrass the Indonesian Government into prosecuting offenders.

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