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China surprises at Nations in Bloom

via The Press and Journal | GNN staff | Tue October 07, 2003
Quanzhou, in China was awarded best in the world for its environemtnal efforts at the Nations in Bloom awards in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Seattle, US, came second, also collecting a gold award and Puyang, China came third with a silver award

A world first: a city bus powered by its wheels!

via PR Newswire | GNN staff | Tue October 07, 2003
A dutch company has invented a unique city bus with its engine in its wheels. The inventor of the bus, the Apeldoorn-based company e-Traction(r), says the innovation will cut energy consumption by at least 50% and drastically reduce noise levels and emissions of harmful waste substances. Under similar conditions, the new bus will cover at least twice the distance of a "normal" city bus.

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