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Local man donates kidney to save stranger

via The Herald | Fri December 26, 2003
Robert Golier got what he wanted about two weeks before Christmas. It was an autographed picture of himself with Thomas E. Starzl, the transplant surgeon. While Golier admires the internationally known doctor, the picture of the two of them, autographed by Starzl, calls Golier "the ultimate humanitarian."

U2’s Bono to receive honour

via Herald Sun | Wed December 03, 2003
U2 lead singer Bono will be recognised for his humanitarian work at an awards dinner hosted by the family of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. The Irish rock band's lead singer will be honored at the 2004 King Center "Salute to Greatness" awards dinner Jan. 17 in Atlanta.

China Releases 3 ‘Cyber Dissidents’

via New York Times | GNN staff | Mon December 01, 2003
The Chinese government released today three jailed "cyber dissidents." Among the three was a young college student nicknamed "Stainless Steel Mouse," whose arrest a year ago had brought international condemnation, a Hong Kong human rights group said.

Freeway blogging: free expression on the roadways

via | GNN staff | Fri November 28, 2003
On any given day the average American is subjected to about 4,000 images and messages. Of these about 3,990 are generated by corporations. Not coincidentally, about 95% of them are lies. Like weblogs, freewayblogs are one of the last outlets for individuals to express themselves to the masses.

An oasis of learning in the desert of dumb

via Cable Science Network | GNN staff | Fri November 28, 2003
Imagine turning on your television -any time of day or night- and watching a heated debate about the impact of science on your life-from stem-cell research and cloning to the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in your food; from the biology of violence to the chemistry of addiction; from the puzzles of depression to the latest breakthroughs on aging; from the evolution of morality to the complexities of consciousness; from the exploration of space to the discovery of life beyond Earth.

Good news for Prince Charles as newspapers back off scandal stories

via CBC | GNN staff | Thu November 20, 2003
It was all good news for Prince Charles on British front pages Thursday. For the first time in nearly two weeks, he wasn't mentioned on any of them. The storm over the allegation that couldn't be reported has abated. But can it last? Given the public's media-fed fascination with Charles, his former marriage and royals in general, don't count on it.

Cell users can swap service, keep number

via | GNN staff | Thu November 13, 2003
Starting Nov. 24, cell phone customers in Charleston and in much of the rest of the country will be able to switch service providers and take their numbers with them, thanks to a Federal Communications Commission mandate aimed at fueling competition in the already fierce telecommunications world.

Uncensored Media to the Arab World

via The Age | GNN staff | Sun November 09, 2003
Al-Jazeera, the Arab-language cable TV news service, has just celebrated its seventh birthday. I was there to witness it.

Star Wars Kid finds new hope after global embarrassment

via | GNN staff | Sun October 19, 2003
In 2002, a private video made by a teenager from Quebec, showing his unique style of jedi sword play, slips out onto the Internet and spreads to millions of people, leaving him massively embarrassed and open to nasty 'dark side' attacks. However now, after much shock and recrimination, the boy has finally warmed to his fate, his fans, and has found new strength in the face of all those nasty comments. He's even started to profit from the whole strange, funny, experience.

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