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Hungary’s ratification of UN-backed treaty triggers new protections for Europe’s forests

via UN News Centre | GNN staff | Wed January 04, 2006
A United Nations-backed treaty meant to conserve a vast area of forests, streams and mountains in the heart of Europe sprang to life today as Hungary became the fourth nation -along with the Slovak Republic, Ukraine and the Czech Republic - to ratify it.

Back-Breeding Could Restore Chestnut Trees Ravaged by Blight

via National Geographic | Fri December 30, 2005
Conservationists say they can restore the region's chestnut forests if scientists succeed in their efforts to breed new, blight-resistant strains of the tree.

Brazil moves to protect Amazon tribe

via The Mercury News | Sun December 25, 2005
Federal police are evicting settlers and loggers from an Amazon area that experts believe is home to one of the world's most isolated Indian tribes, the government said Wednesday

Greenpeace Buys Tons of Illegally Cut Brazilian Wood, Delivers it to Police

via Associated Press | GNN staff | Fri December 23, 2005
Environmental activists parked a truckload of illegally cut Amazon hardwood in front of a police station in Brazil's largest city on Monday to demonstrate how easy it is to skirt the law.

Two California Forests Commit to New Protocols to Protect Global Climate

via | GNN staff | Thu December 22, 2005
Two privately owned California forests have become the first forestlands to join the California Climate Action Registry.

Why The Amazon Rainforest Is So Rich In Species

via SPX | GNN staff | Thu December 22, 2005
Tropical areas of south and central America such as the Amazon rainforest are home to some 7500 species of butterfly compared with only around 65 species in Britain.

Deforestation rates decrease in the Amazon

via WWF | GNN staff | Thu December 15, 2005
The Brazilian government announced that the deforestation of the Amazon fell by 30 per cent in the twelve months up to August.

Silent revolution

via New Internationalist | GNN staff | Fri November 25, 2005
The seeds of Chipko – popularly known as the ‘tree huggers’ – were sown in the early 1980s in northern India and the forests of the Himalayas.

U.N. agency: Rate of deforestation slowing

via USA Today | Fri November 18, 2005
The speed of global deforestation has slowed because of new planting and natural forest extension, but the world's forests are still being destroyed at an alarming rate, a U.N. agency said Monday.

No New Logging in Green Heart of Africa: Congolese President Vows Clean Up

via Capitol Reports | GNN staff | Sun October 30, 2005
Greenpeace welcomed a decree by President Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to reform the Congolese logging sector this week.

Africa, Donors Unveil Plan to Fight Desertification

via Planet Ark | Fri October 28, 2005
African governments and donors on Monday launched an ambitious plan to fight desertification, which causes chronic food shortages and threatens to drive millions from their homes in coming decades.

EU Agrees Licensing Plan to Combat Illegal Logging

via Planet Ark | Thu October 27, 2005
EU agriculture ministers endorsed plans on Monday to crack down on the lucrative illegal timber trade by making exporters obtain licences to prove their wood does not come from endangered rainforests, officials said.

Ants, Not Evil Spirits, Create Devil’s Gardens In The Amazon Rainforest

via Terra Daily | Thu September 22, 2005
For the first time, scientists have identified an ant species that produces its own natural herbicide to poison unwanted plants.

Mexico Peasant Ecologist Freed in Murder Case

via Planet Ark | Sat September 17, 2005
A peasant fighting logging in Mexico's mountains was cleared of murder charges and ordered freed on Thursday after 10 months in jail in a case that sparked international outcry over corruption in the courts.

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