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Central African Leaders Pledge to Save Forests

via KeralaNext | Mon February 07, 2005
Central African leaders pledged on Saturday to increase efforts to protect the forests of the Congo Basin, the world's second biggest tropical forest region after the Amazon.

Governments seek to save African forests

via CNN | Fri February 04, 2005
Patrolling in a wooden boat between the thickly forested banks of the broad Sangha river, the four "eco-guards" have something to show for their efforts to tackle poaching in this swathe of central Africa.

World’s largest rain forest national park created in Northern Amazon

via Conservation International | Thu February 03, 2005
In an effort to halt illegal land occupancy and deforestation, the Governor of the State of Amazonas, Eduardo Braga, has signed a decree creating nine new areas of conservation in the southern part of the state totaling 3,070,058 hectares.

Lawsuit presses for sequoia logging ban

via Seattle PI | Sat January 29, 2005
Environmentalists sued the federal government Thursday over plans to log in central California's Giant Sequoia National Monument, home to two-thirds of the world's largest trees.

London Underground Saves Piles of Paper with Smartcard System

via Edie News | Sat January 22, 2005
London's Oyster card system is saving a huge amount of paper waste and is an environmental asset to the U.K., Transport for London (TfL) and Friends of the Earth (FoE) have stated.

Boreal region gets protection

via Green Consumer Guide | Fri January 21, 2005
Large parts of Finland and Sweden's boreal (woodland) region is to be added to the European Commission's Natura2000 conservation scheme, in a move that will benefit various sensitive species and habitats.

Endangered animals make comeback

via China View | Thu January 20, 2005
There has been a steady increase in the number of rare and endangered wildlife, including the rare and endangered giant panda, because of enlarged habitats and improved ecosystems.

Indian Village Beats Tsunami with Tree Power

via Planet Ark | Sat January 01, 2005
Two years ago, drought-stricken farmers in a village on the southern coast of India walked into the Guinness Book of World Records by planting the highest number of saplings in a 24-hour period.

Green Christmas: Tips for an Eco-Friendly Holiday

via National Geographic | Sun December 26, 2004
Yes, the holidays draw out the best in most of us each year. But they also bring what seems like an environmentalist's worst nightmare: tons of extra garbage, millions of chopped-down trees, and megawatts of flashing lights. With a little tweaking, however, everything from holiday gift-giving to light-stringing can celebrate the environment, too. Here's how:

Wildlife treaty moves to protect Asian hardwood

via | Sun October 17, 2004
The global treaty regulating trade in threatened wildlife moved to protect ramin, the Asian hardwood whose forests and their inhabitants have been devastated by rampant commercial logging.

Environmentalists claim victory on government’s working forest plan

via | Fri August 06, 2004
Environmentalists claimed victory Thursday on the government's feared working forest initiative, saying the Liberals whittled down their plans to open much of British Columbia's forest land to future development.

Provincial government launches plan for “spirit bear” sanctuary

via | Tue July 20, 2004
Endangered bears indigenous to B.C.'s West Coast may soon have a new sanctuary after government and stakeholders released their recommendations for a land use agreement Saturday.

Crews making progress battling B.C. fires

via CBC | Fri July 02, 2004
Fire officials lifted evacuation orders for two small northern B.C. settlements Friday, but fires continue to plague many parts of the province.

Woodless paper interest grows

via Calgary Herald | Mon February 02, 2004
Alberta's pulping sector is kick-starting a new trend that could see local farmers plant crops for paper production instead of food.

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