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Canada’s boreal forest would be spared under conservation accord

via Environmental News Network | Tue December 02, 2003
More than half of Canada's vast northern forest, about 1 million square miles in all, would be exempt from logging and other industrial development under an agreement announced Monday by a coalition of native tribes, environmentalists, and businesses.

Costa Rican Rainforest preserved by Utah Businessmen as Conservation and Education Model

via Environmental News Network | Fri November 07, 2003
The Bosque Lluvioso is a rain forest and field exploratory located in central Costa Rica. The Bosque reserve was originally established in 1996 by two Utah businessmen who purchased the core mountain landscape for conservation and education purposes before it was to be deforested by commercial logging plans. While Costa Rica covers barely 0.3% of the earth's land surface, its ecosystems contain between 5-9% of all of the earth's biological species. The Bosque helps expand this protected area in Costa Rica.

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