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A Vaccine For HIV?  Clinical Trial Successful

A vaccine to prevent HIV has aced clinical testing, according to Canadian researchers.

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More Good News in Health

Safer vaccine created without virus

via Japan Times | Thu March 28, 2013
British scientists have developed a “holy grail” vaccine for foot-and-mouth disease that is safer and more resilient than current vaccines, according to an article published in the journal PLOS Pathogens on Wednesday.

Lenses found to ‘cure colour-blindness’

via BBC | Fri February 08, 2013
Scientists say they have invented spectacle lenses that cure red-green colour blindness, which affects some women and one in every 10 men.

Nations agree on legally binding mercury rules

via BBC | Sat January 19, 2013
More than 140 countries have agreed on a set of legally binding measures to curb mercury pollution, at UN talks.

Totally blind mice get sight back

via BBC | Sun January 06, 2013
Totally blind mice have had their sight restored by injections of light-sensing cells into the eye, UK researchers report.

Human immune system proteins shown to suppress HIV

via GizMag | Tue December 18, 2012
To survive HIV you need a cocktail of expensive drugs that often have side effects. That could change with research out of The Rockefeller University where scientists have found that harnessing proteins from the human immune system can suppress the virus in mice.

Fighting cancer with cell phones

via CNN | Sat November 24, 2012
Only innovation can reduce illness and poverty in Africa, according to a program that is funding creative approaches to healthcare in developing countries.

First liver cancer ‘chemo-bath’ in the UK

via BBC | Tue November 13, 2012
A "chemo-bath" which delivers toxic cancer drugs to just one organ in the body has been used on patients in the UK for the first time, say doctors.

New opportunity for rapid treatment of malaria

via Imperial College London | Wed October 31, 2012
Researchers have identified a new means to eradicate malaria infections by rapidly killing the blood-borne Plasmodium parasites that cause the disease.

Fear can be erased from the brain before its memory has been formed

via GizMag | Fri October 19, 2012
An old saying tells us not to dwell on an unpleasant event. A new clinical study suggests the saying has both psychological and neurological support for its validity.

Enjoyment of life ‘key to living longer’

via BBC | Wed October 17, 2012
Those who enjoy life the most are three times more likely to live a little longer than those who enjoy it the least, a study of ageing suggests.

Scientists uncover gene behind skin disease

via BBC | Tue October 16, 2012
A team led by the University of Dundee believes it has made a significant step in understanding a skin disease which affects thousands in the UK.

New Water Treatment Process Could Help Bring Dead Zones Back to Life

via Triple Pundit | Tue October 09, 2012
Employing a new tertiary wastewater treatment process reduced levels of phosphorous and trace pollutants in urban wastewater effluent below EPA safe levels, researchers from Veolia Water, Kruger and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee found.

Robots join the fight against cancer

via BBC | Fri September 21, 2012
The researchers hope that snake robots could help spot and remove tumours more effectively.

Canada will no longer oppose global fight against asbestos

via Canadian Cancer Society | Fri September 14, 2012
The days of Canadian asbestos exports appear to be numbered, and anti-asbestos activists couldn’t be happier.

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