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Bicycling and Walking Benchmarking Report 2012: Bicycling is on the Rise

via Triple Pundit | Sun February 05, 2012
The Bicycling and Walking in the United States: 2012 Benchmarking Report shows that bicycling is getting more popular as a method of transportation; the number of commuters who bicycle to work increased by 57% from 2000 to 2009.

Researchers identify key peptides that could lead to a universal vaccine for influenza

via Medical Xpress | Thu February 02, 2012
Researchers have discovered a series of peptides, found on the internal structures of influenza viruses that could lead to the development of a universal vaccine for influenza, one that gives people immunity against all strains of the disease, including seasonal, avian, and swine flu.

California orders hike in number of super clean cars

via Globe and Mail | Wed February 01, 2012
California, long a national leader in cutting auto pollution, pushed the envelope further Friday as state regulators approved rules to cut greenhouse gas emissions from cars and put significantly more pollution-free vehicles on the road in coming years.

Gates donates $750 million to fight AIDS, TB and malaria

via CNN | Fri January 27, 2012
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will inject $750 million into the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates announced Thursday at the World Economic Forum.

Stem cell retinal implants safe

via BBC | Tue January 24, 2012
Early results from the world's first human trial using embryonic stem cells to treat diseases of the eye suggest the method is safe, say researchers.

Hepatitis C vaccine: Oxford researchers’ trial ‘promising’

via BBC | Sun January 08, 2012
An early clinical trial of a hepatitis C vaccine has shown "promising" results, according to researchers at Oxford University.

Time’s Top Medical Breakthroughs of 2011

Story contains video via Time Magazine | Sat December 31, 2011
Here is Time Magazine's list of the top 10 medical breakthroughs of 2011.

Insecticide-treated bed-nets ‘working’ in fight against malaria

via BBC (View video) | Fri December 30, 2011
It is one of the world's biggest killers. In parts of Africa a child dies from malaria every minute. Now the World Health Organisation says significant progress is being made against the disease thanks, partly, to a campaign of using insecticide-treated bed-nets.

New discovery could lead to better artificial hips

via GizMag | Thu December 29, 2011
For many people who have suffered from an arthritic hip, the replacement of their natural hip bone with a prosthetic implant has meant an end to constant pain, and the restoration of a normal range of movement. Unfortunately, the ball-and-socket joints of the prostheses do wear down over time, so younger patients in need of the implants are typically told to either wait until they are older, or must face the prospect of someday requiring repeat surgery to service their device.

New plasma “brush” may mean painless cavity filling

via GizMag | Mon December 26, 2011
We've been keeping an eye on efforts to make the dreaded dentist's drill a thing of the past for some time, and now there's more good news on the horizon for the cavity-prone (and pain-phobic). Engineers have successfully lab-tested a plasma "brush" that can painlessly clean and prep cavities so well, there's no need for mechanical abrasion prior to filling.

US rolls out historic mercury limits for power plants

via Kansas Star | Thu December 22, 2011
Unveiling a historic rule, the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday announced the first national requirement for the nation's coal-fired power plants to reduce emissions of mercury, arsenic, cyanide and other toxic pollutants.

Artificial Intestines near reality

via Discovery News | Mon December 19, 2011
Science has given us working artificial hearts, hips, limbs and bladders, and even a trachea. But no one has successfully created an artificial intestine, until now.

Yoav Medan: Ultrasound surgery—healing without cuts

Story contains video via TED | Sat December 17, 2011
Imagine having a surgery with no knives involved. At TEDMED, Yoav Medan shares a technique that uses MRI to find trouble spots and focused ultrasound to treat such issues as brain lesions, uterine fibroids and several kinds of cancerous growths.

Vaccine developed against Ebola

via BBC | Mon December 12, 2011
Scientists have developed a vaccine that protects mice against a deadly form of the Ebola virus.

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