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Florida group rebuilds vital coral reefs

Story contains video via CNN | Sun March 04, 2012
Restoration Foundation to help bring life back to endangered coral reefs. Since 2003, his group has grown thousands of corals in underwater nurseries and planted them on reefs in the Florida Keys.

Marine Pledges To Donate Marrow, Wins $2.9M

via WPBF | Mon February 27, 2012
A U.S. Marine who recently pledged and was accepted as a bone marrow donor credits that good karma for his $2,882,808 windfall at a Las Vegas penny slot machine.

Gates donates $750 million to fight AIDS, TB and malaria

via CNN | Fri January 27, 2012
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will inject $750 million into the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates announced Thursday at the World Economic Forum.

The Cleanweb Takes Off

via Huffington Post | Thu January 26, 2012
This past weekend in New York, a group of high tech companies, venture investors, hackers, college students held the second Cleanweb Hackathon -- a gathering where software developers and serial entrepreneurs, fueled by coffee and burritos -- or similar fare -- stay up one, two or more nights writing code for apps that just may change the world.

Alberto Cairo: There are no scraps of men

Story contains video via TED | Fri December 23, 2011
Alberto Cairo's clinics in Afghanistan used to close down during active fighting. Now, they stay open. At TEDxRC2 (the RC stands for Red Cross/Red Crescent), Cairo tells the powerful story of why -- and how he found humanity and dignity in the midst of war.

‘The protester’ named Time’s person of year

via AFP | Thu December 15, 2011
'The protester' was named Time magazine's person of the year Wednesday, a tribute to those bringing change across the Arab world as well as anti-corporate greed demonstrations in the US and Europe.

Unsung heroes: the life of a wildlife ranger in the Congo

via MongaBay | Thu November 03, 2011
The effort to save wildlife from destruction worldwide has many heroes. Some receive accolades for their work, but others live in obscurity, doing good—sometimes even dangerous—work everyday with little recognition.

To the rescue—finding a purpose for rejected shelter dogs

Story contains video via CNN | Sat October 08, 2011
Wilma Melville created a nonprofit that partners shelter dogs with firefighters and trains them to save lives after a disaster. Since 1996, the teams have responded to 80 disasters across the world, including the September 11 attacks and this year's earthquake in Japan.

Nourishing New York’s low-income communities

Story contains video via CNN | Sun October 02, 2011
Gina Keatley's nonprofit, Nourishing NYC, is helping low-income people eat healthier. Since 2008, the group has provided fresh food and nutrition programs -- for free -- to nearly 100,000 residents of Harlem and the Bronx.

Pay It Forward Bracelets: A small idea for a big change

Story contains video GNN staff | Fri September 23, 2011
Some people feel that their ability to change to world for the better is miniscule. They feel that they lack either time or money or a platform from which to manifest this change. Charley Johnson wants to change all that.

Finding hope on the soccer fields of Haiti

Story contains video via CNN | Sun August 28, 2011
After being stricken with cancer, Patrice Milet dedicated his life to helping children in his native Haiti. His nonprofit youth soccer program provides free equipment, coaching and food to hundreds of participants from the slums and teaches them to become responsible citizens.

For Fukushima families, a brief respite from nuclear nightmare

Story contains video via MSNBC | Fri August 19, 2011
Americans welcome in Japanese mothers, children whose lives were upended by triple disaster

‘Love Kitchen’ delivers for Knoxville needy

Story contains video via CNN | Sun August 14, 2011
For more than two decades, Helen Ashe has been nourishing people in need through the Love Kitchen, which she started in 1986 with her twin sister. The Love Kitchen provides about 2,000 meals a week to the hungry, homeless and homebound in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Easing the burden of breast cancer

Story contains video via CNN | Sun August 07, 2011
Debbie Cantwell is a breast cancer survivor who started The Pink Daisy Project, a non-profit that supports breast cancer patients under 45. Since 2008, The Pink Daisy Project has helped more than 150 women with basic needs such as house cleaning, gas and food.

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