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A ‘Dear Abby’ for the down and out

Story contains video via CNN | Sun July 31, 2011
Sal Dimiceli has spend decades helping people get back on their feet. THrough a local newspaper column and his nonprofit, The Time Is Now To Help, Dimiceli assists about 500 people a year with food, rent, utilities and other necessities.

Fighting blindness in the Third World

GNN staff | Sat July 23, 2011
Thanks to the persistent and ingenuity of two doctors, Sanduk Ruit and Geoff Tabin, victims of cataract in the Third world now move toward a future of regaining sight.

Grief-stricken mom found a new family after tsunami

Story contains video via CNN | Sun July 17, 2011
Susanne Janson's life was shattered in 2004 when her two young daughters were killed in the tsunami that ravaged Southeast Asia. She found solace and healing by starting a new life in Thailand, where she has provided daily care to more than 100 children in need.

Recycling hotel soap to save lives

Story contains video via CNN | Sun July 03, 2011
Derreck Kayongo's Global Soap Project collects partially used hotel soap and reprocesses it to save lives. Since 2009, the Atlanta-based nonprofit has provided more than 100,000 bars of soap for communities in nine countries.

Rescuing children from a trash dump

Story contains video via CNN | Sun June 12, 2011
Elena Duron Miranda once witnessed children eating and collecting items from a trash dump in Bariloche, Argentina. Today, her nonprofit, PETISOS, helps keep about 200 children out of the dump and enrolled in school.

Giving Vietnam’s street kids a chance

via CNN | Sun June 05, 2011
Michael Brosowski started the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation to help Vietnamese youth get off the streets. Since 2004, he and his group have helped more than 350 children find safe shelter and enroll in school.

Elderly volunteer to clean up Fukushima

GNN staff | Thu June 02, 2011
Led by the 72-year-old Yasuteru Yamada, the Skilled Veterans Corps, a group of some 250 able-bodied seniors, are offering to go in and clean up the radiation-contaminated Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan. Among the 250 seniors are retired engineers and nuclear technicians, but also two chefs - and a singer. "It's for the sake of entertainment", says Yamada.

Ten-year-old takes on KFC for destroying US forests

Story contains video via Mongabay | Tue May 17, 2011
Cole Rasenberger's quest to save forests in the US South started as a school assignment to 'be an activist' about something important to him. However, after learning from Dogwood Alliance that coastal forests in North Carolina are being destroyed to make throw-away paper packaging for big fast food companies—such as McDonalds and KFC—Cole Rasenberger, at the age of 8, became more than an activist; he became an environmental leader!

‘Paying it forward’ after 9/11

Story contains video via CNN | Fri May 06, 2011
Moved by the support that his hometown received after 9/11, Jeff Parness started New York Says Thank You to help other communities rebuild after disasters. Since 2004, the group's projects have involved more than 7,000 volunteers nationwide.

Why and how Eli Broad is giving billions away

Story contains video via CBS News | Fri April 29, 2011
In this era of belt tightening, it's kind of refreshing to take a look at people whose happiest pastime is to give money away. Such a man is 77-year-old Eli Broad, a self-made billionaire, art collector and for the past ten years one of the most consistently generous philanthropists in America - supporting education reform, medical research and the arts.

‘Mother Robin’ delivers for poor women in Indonesia

Story contains video via CNN | Mon April 25, 2011
Robin Lim became a midwife after her sister died from complications during pregnancy. Since 2003, she and her team in Indonesia have helped thousands of low-income women have a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Dog-lovers brave Fukushima nuclear danger zone to save abandoned pets

via Daily Mail | Sun April 17, 2011
Rescuers have been risking their lives in the nuclear swamp around tsunami-hit Japan's stricken power plant - to save abandoned dogs.

Grandmother helping Chicago kids ‘off the block’

Story contains video via CNN | Fri April 15, 2011
Surrounded by gang violence in her Chicago neighborhood, Diane Latiker opened her home to area youth and started a community program called Kids Off the Block. Today, she has turned the building next door into a safe place for more than 300 young people.

Making sure ‘motel kids’ don’t go hungry

Story contains video via CNN | Wed March 30, 2011
Since 2005, chef Bruno Serato has been serving free pasta dinners to children -- many of whom are poor and live in motels with their family. Today, Serato provides dinner seven days a week to nearly 200 children at the Boys & Girls Club in Anaheim, California.

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