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Prince Charles Donates To Help Rebuild Mississippi

via Environmental News Network | GNN staff | Fri November 04, 2005
Britain's Prince Charles, whose passion for architecture won him a $25,000 prize Thursday, said he planned to donate the money to help rebuild communities in hurricane-ravaged Mississippi.

Oprah Donating $10M For Katrina Relief

via Ruggest Elegant Living | Thu September 22, 2005
Oprah Winfrey is pledging $10 million to help victims of Hurricane Katrina rebuild their lives.

John Travolta weighs into relief effort

via TVNZ | Tue September 06, 2005
Actor John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, have delivered five tonnes of food for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Thousands Open Homes for Katrina Victims

via ABC News | GNN staff | Sat September 03, 2005
Their homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, Karen Rogers and about 30 of her family members went on Tuesday to the American Red Cross facility in Atlanta to try to find temporary housing. The Red Cross said they could only give them a map to a crisis center.

Port Moody residents earn Medals of Bravery

via Globe and Mail | Wed April 13, 2005
Three B.C. residents who risked their lives under fire to help a woman escape from a violent man will receive Medals of Bravery.

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