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Chinese hostages freed in Iraq

via CBC | Sat January 22, 2005
Iraqi militants have freed eight Chinese construction workers, the Chinese Embassy said Saturday.

UN, Guatemala sign agreement to open human rights office

via UN News Centre | Tue January 11, 2005
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and Guatemala have agreed that a UN human rights office will be opened in the Central American country later this year to advise the government on strengthening civil liberties observance after decades of civil strife have left a legacy of social discrimination.

French journalists released after 124 days in captivity

via The Independent | Tue December 21, 2004
Four months of quiet negotiations by France and several Arab countries paid off yesterday with the release of two French journalists kidnapped by an Iraqi extremist group in August.

UK’s highest court rules against holding terror suspects without trial

via The Star | Thu December 16, 2004
Britain's highest court ruled Thursday that the government cannot detain terror suspects indefinitely without trial.

‘We have waited so long for justice’

via BBC | Tue December 14, 2004
The historic ruling that Gen Augusto Pinochet is fit to stand trial on murder and kidnapping charges brought victims' relatives onto the streets of Santiago to celebrate.

Britain Proposes Widespread Ban on Public Smoking

via | Sat November 20, 2004
Burma's military junta released at least 19 political prisoners yesterday, including members of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi's party who were among thousands of inmates whose detentions were ruled improper. Suu Kyi, a Nobel laureate, remained under house arrest.

PAKISTAN: ILO launches four-year programme to eliminate child labour

via | Fri November 21, 2003
The International Labour Organisation (ILO) on Wednesday formally launched a four-year programme intended to support an ongoing programme being conducted by the government to help eliminate child labour in Pakistan.

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