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Man trapped on cliff phones Holland

via News Wales | GNN staff | Fri May 11, 2007
A tourist was rescued from a cliff today after telephoning his girlfriend in Holland.

Work begins on Brad Pitt’s green project in 9th Ward

via WWL-TV | GNN staff | Fri May 11, 2007
With a brass band accompaniment, developers in this city's devastated Lower 9th Ward celebrated the start of construction Thursday on an environmentally friendly new home, based on the winning design in a competition launched by movie star Brad Pitt.

Philippines hopes pineapple peace plan will bear fruit

via Qatar Peninsula | GNN staff | Wed May 09, 2007
The Philippine army plans to transform an insurgency-wracked island into the country's second largest pineapple producing region in an effort to end decades of bloodshed.

Disabled teenager who paints with her mouth auctions art off at Christie’s

via Daily Mail | GNN staff | Wed May 02, 2007
Her work is extraordinary by any standards. But what makes Leanne Beetham's art truly remarkable is that her paintings are all done with a brush that she holds in her mouth.

Stolen wallet recovered after 56 years

via The Sun Journal | GNN staff | Wed May 02, 2007
Val Gregoire's widow and children all knew the story: On a day in 1951, Val was hit over the head in Boston and woke without his wallet or his pants.

82-Year-Old Ex-Beauty Queen Stops Intruder by Shooting Out Tires

via Fox News | GNN staff | Fri April 20, 2007
Miss America 1944 has a talent that likely has never appeared on a beauty pageant stage: She fired a handgun to shoot out a vehicle's tires and stop an intruder.

Clever canine ducks death row

via Canine Nation | GNN staff | Thu April 19, 2007
Let's have a pop quiz... If you were a dog about to be euthanized, what would you do?

Jewish Holocaust Memorial Honors Arab Muslim

via Voice of America | GNN staff | Tue April 17, 2007
A Jewish organization in Los Angeles has honored an Arab Muslim who saved Tunisian Jews from Nazi persecution.

British cities going green

via FIN24 | Thu April 12, 2007
Fair-trade coffee and bananas okay. But whole fair-trade towns?

Blind, Wheelchair-Bound Student Doesn’t Fail to Inspire

Story contains video via ABC News | Fri November 10, 2006
When I met 18-year old Patrick Henry Hughes, I knew he was musically talented. I had been told so, had read that he was very able for someone his age and who had been blind and crippled since birth.

Free Hugs Pave Way to Internet Stardom

Story contains video via AOL News | Tue October 31, 2006
Months ago, the world's most talked about viral video personality was LonelyGirl15, the seemingly-chat-happy teenager who wound up being nothing more than a calculated marketing tool. But now, YouTube has seen the rise of a new star who is anything but lonely. It's Juan Mann, the man who wants to make sure everyone feels the love.

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