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Puma, Nike and Adidas Run Towards Toxin-Free Products With Greenpeace

via Triple Pundit | Fri September 09, 2011
Did you know that your running shoes contains hazardous chemicals, some that get released every time you go out for a run?

Wal-Mart Takes Another Step Towards Food Sustainability

via Triple Pundit | Wed August 31, 2011
It appears that retail giant Wal-Mart is ready to take another step on its sustainability journey. Sources within the food industry are reporting that Wal-Mart is planning to begin collecting data from its fruit and vegetable vendors in order to assess the sustainability of their operations.

Congo bans plastic bags to fight pollution

via Reuters | Tue August 02, 2011
The Republic of Congo has banned the production, import, sale and use of plastic bags in a move to fight environmental pollution in the Central African nation, government spokesman Bienvenu Okiemy said.

India introduces e-waste law

GNN staff | Wed June 15, 2011
A campaign forfronted by Greenpeace has after 6 years finally led to a legislation that make producers financially liable for the products they produces after the products life-span.

Survey Shows Most Restaurants Recycle & Consumers Dig It

via Triple Pundit | Sat June 11, 2011
A survey conducted in March and April 2011 by the National Restaurant Association found that 60 percent of consumers prefer to patronize restaurants that recycle, and 51 percent even said that they would pay extra – a median of ten percent more — to eat at restaurants that recycle.

Global Organizations Announce $8.4 Mil Grant to Give South American Recyclers Dignity

via Triple Pundit | Fri May 27, 2011
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Coca-Cola Company, Fundación Avina, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), launched a coalition that aims to improve the lives of the at least 4 million people who make a living off of recycling.

Bolivia Set to Pass Historic ‘Law of Mother Earth’ Which Will Grant Nature Equal Rights

via PV Pulse | Tue May 24, 2011
With the cooperation of politicians and grassroots organizations, Bolivia is set to pass the Law of Mother Earth, which will grant nature the same rights and protections as humans.

India’s top court imposes ban on ‘toxic’ pesticide

via AFP | Sat May 14, 2011
India's top court on Friday temporarily banned use of the pesticide endosulfan, which the government has resisted blacklisting despite curbs imposed in 60 other countries over health concerns.

World’s first five country protected area to conserve “Europe’s Amazon”

via AFP | Sat March 26, 2011
Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia today signed a historic declaration to establish a trans-boundary UNESCO Biosphere Reserve to protect their shared nature and wildlife along the Mura, Drava and Danube rivers, 'Europe’s Amazon'.

Giant Indonesian palm oil company announces plan to halt forest destruction

via Dominican Today | Wed March 23, 2011
Responding to news today that the palm oil arm of Sinar Mas, Golden Agri-Resources, has announced a plan to halt the destruction of Indonesia’s forests previously caused by their operations.

PUMA goes carbon neutral by protecting lions in Kenya

via Mongabay | Wed March 23, 2011
PUMA, the sporting goods brand, and its parent company PPR will offset their 2010 carbon dioxide emissions by purchasing carbon credits generated through conservation of wildlife habitat in Kenya.

McDonald’s Sets Long-Term Sustainable Beef, Coffee Plans

via Green Biz | Sat March 12, 2011
McDonald's has laid out a plans to move to more sustainable meat, coffee and packaging.

World Bank proposes road to save Serengeti migration

via Reuters | Fri March 04, 2011
The World Bank has offered Tanzania an alternative to stop a major road project across the Serengeti national park that conservationists say threatens one of Africa's biggest wildlife spectacles.

Brazil judge blocks Amazon Belo Monte dam

via BBC | Sat February 26, 2011
A Brazilian judge has blocked plans to build a huge hydro-electric dam in the Amazon rainforest because of environmental concerns.

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