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Australia-Canada Red Cross to Clean Up Maldives

via Planet Ark | Wed May 18, 2005
The Red Cross will help the Maldives deal with growing mountains of debris and rubbish that have piled up as a result of the Dec. 26 tsunami that swamped the low-lying island chain.

Remote landmine clearer unveiled

via Melbourne Herald Sun | Sat May 14, 2005
A British inventor has unveiled a remote-controlled device to clear landmines that kill or maim 2000 people worldwide a month, saying the new "MineBurner" could generate huge savings for mine-clearing operations across the world.

World Donors Pledge More Cash to Make Chernobyl Safe

via Planet Ark | Fri May 13, 2005
Leading nations pledged about $200 million on Thursday towards a cover to encase the Chernobyl power plant's fourth reactor which exploded nearly two decades ago in the world's worst civil nuclear accident.

Backpackers flock to rebuild Thai party island

via Tiscali | Mon May 09, 2005
Two young British men sit shirtless on a Phi Phi beach, wearing surfer shorts, leather thong necklaces and Indian bracelets -- an iconic image of one of the great party-hard destinations on the hippie-backpacker trail.

UN meet to seek safer ways to kill insect pests

via Gulf Times | Mon May 02, 2005
A UN meeting next week will seek new ways to kill mosquitoes and termites as part of a plan to bolster a 2004 ban on use of a "dirty dozen" toxic chemicals.

Many Old Computers Put to Use Again, Study Finds

via Environmental News Network | GNN staff | Wed April 27, 2005
More than half the old personal computers replaced by consumers last year were put to productive use instead of being dumped or stored away, according to a nationwide survey by MetaFacts, a San Diego research firm.

Wedding teaches environment-friendly lesson

via Team | GNN staff | Tue April 26, 2005
It was a model wedding for the dusty Tamil Nadu town, a hands-on lesson on how to celebrate even while taking care of the earth's resources.

Liverpool Scientist Discovers New Layer Of The Earth

via University Of Liverpool | Sun April 24, 2005
A University of Liverpool scientist has discovered a new layer near the Earth's core, which will enable the internal temperature of the Earth's mantle to be measured at a much deeper level than previously possible.

Last Shipment Of Potent Radioactive Waste Leaves Rocky Flats

via | GNN staff | Thu April 21, 2005
Tuesday was a day 10 years in the making at Rocky Flats.

Texas Compost Facility Turns Solid Waste into Rich Dirt

via Environmental News Network | GNN staff | Wed April 20, 2005
One man's trash is another's treasure. At least that's the thinking behind the Neches Compost Facility, where millions of pounds of waste are turned into nutrient-rich biosolid compost every year.

The lost valley

via Chico News & Review | GNN staff | Mon April 18, 2005
Hetch Hetchy Valley was once a jewel of Yosemite National Park, a twin to Yosemite Valley. Then it was dammed and flooded. Now, thanks to a UC Davis grad student and others, it could become the greatest wild-lands restoration project in human history.

Sheep and Insects to Help Kill Exotic Weeds in Arizona Forests

via Environmental News Network | GNN staff | Thu April 14, 2005
Three of Arizona's national forests will soon be providing a smorgasbord for weevils, flies, moths, beetles and sheep.

Purchase preserves swath of S. Utah

via Salt Lake Tribune | GNN staff | Wed April 13, 2005
With a big assist from Wal-Mart - yes, Wal-Mart - two conservation groups are close to finalizing a deal to preserve nearly 900,000 acres of ranch property and federal grazing lands north of the Grand Canyon on the Utah-Arizona Border.

Japanese companies take lead in sustainable development

via Financial Express | Tue April 12, 2005
Corporate Japan is making strides in sustainable development, slashing the use of lead and other toxic substances in industry, embracing solar energy and making biodegradable plastic out of sugar beets.

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