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Islamic Leaders Preach Conservation in Sumatra, Indonesia

via ENN | Thu February 24, 2011
Do religious texts mandate respect for the earth and other species? Some Islamic leaders in Sumatra believe the Koran does.

Obama pushes effort to protect public lands

via CNN | Fri February 18, 2011
President Barack Obama called Wednesday for a series of steps to help Americans conserve and get in touch with nature, including full funding of the $900 million Land and Water Conservation Fund for only the third time in its existence.

Amazon residents win $8.6 billion ruling against Chevron

via CNN | Tue February 15, 2011
A judge in Ecuador this week awarded $8.64 billion to Ecuadorian residents of the Amazon who had sued Chevron for years of crude oil pollution, but both sides said Tuesday they will appeal the verdict.

US plucks tiny daisy from brink of extinction

Story contains video via Terra Daily | Fri January 21, 2011
The tiny Maguire daisy, which grows in the desert southwest of the United States, has been plucked from the edge of extinction after a 25-year conservation effort, US officials have announced.

Ambitious project to green the desert to begin in Jordan

Story contains video via TreeHugger | Thu January 20, 2011
An ambitious project that aims to turn arid desert land into a green oasis took a step closer to becoming reality last week when an agreement was signed on the rights to develop a pilot system in Jordan.

Hyundai on rise, no longer building ‘disposable’ cars

via MSNBC | Mon January 17, 2011
At one time Hyundai specialized in “disposable” cars — that is, cars that were cheap to buy and cheaper to throw away when they were broken, like Wal-Mart DVD players. No more. Recent Hyundais have been impressively well-designed and assembled, earning plaudits from new car reviewers and quality surveys alike.

Italy to begin ban on plastic bags in shops

via BBC | Sat January 01, 2011
A ban on plastic bags is coming into effect in Italy, which has one of the highest rates of consumption of the bags in Europe.

US to make ‘wild’ public land eligible for protection

via BBC | Mon December 27, 2010
The US is to make millions of acres of public land eligible for wilderness protection, officials have said.

UN to create panel of biodiversity experts

via Terra Daily | Wed December 22, 2010
The UN General Assembly agreed to form a panel of international experts on biodiversity in a resolution approved on Monday.

Wind Turbines on Farmland May Benefit Crops

via US News and World Report | Mon December 20, 2010
Wind turbines in Midwestern farm fields may be doing more than churning out electricity. The giant turbine blades that generate renewable energy might also help corn and soybean crops stay cooler and dryer, help them fend off fungal infestations and improve their ability to extract growth-enhancing carbon dioxide [CO2] from the air and soil.

‘Critical habitat’ set aside in Alaska for polar bears

via CNN | Wed November 24, 2010
The setting aside of 187,000 square miles in Alaska as 'critical habitat' for polar bears could have an impact on oil and gas drilling, federal and environmental officials said Wednesday.

L.A. County passes sweeping ban on plastic bags

via LA TImes | Fri November 19, 2010
Enacting one of the nation's most aggressive environmental measures, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to ban plastic grocery bags in unincorporated areas of the county.

Global scheme to boost rice yields while reducing environment damage

via Sify | Wed November 17, 2010
Scientists have launched a bold new research initiative that aims to dramatically improve the ability of rice farmers to feed growing populations in some of the world's poorest nations, and prevent the emission of greenhouse gases.

Interpol adopts resolution to combat green crime

via MSN | Thu November 11, 2010
Pitching in to save the world''s endangered fauna and flora, Interpol has adopted a resolution pledging its support to combat green crime and bring environment criminals to book.

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