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Jaguar conservation gets a boost in North and Central America

via MongaBay | Sun September 30, 2012
Jaguar conservation has received a huge boost in the past few months both in Latin America and in the U.S. An historic agreement singed between the world's leading wild cat conservation organization Panthera and the government of Costa Rica in addition to a new U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) proposal bring renewed hope to the efforts to revive the iconic jaguar in its current habitat and return the cats to the American Southwest.

Vancouver council makes ‘historic’ move toward shark fin ban

via Vancouver Sun | Mon September 24, 2012
The City of Vancouver, BC will work with neighbouring municipalities to develop a ban on the sale of shark-fin products, mayor and council agreed Tuesday.

Canada will no longer oppose global fight against asbestos

via Canadian Cancer Society | Fri September 14, 2012
The days of Canadian asbestos exports appear to be numbered, and anti-asbestos activists couldn’t be happier.

Australia Acts To Stop Super-Trawler

via Discovery News | Tue September 11, 2012
The Australian government Tuesday sought to change its environmental protection laws to prevent a controversial super-trawler from fishing in its waters amid concerns about the by-catch.

Pakistan and India strike new visa deal easing travel

via BBC | Sun September 09, 2012
Pakistan and India have agreed on visa terms aimed at easing travel between the two countries.

Obama Hikes Fuel Efficiency to 54.5 MPG by 2025

via Hispanic Business | Wed August 29, 2012
The Obama administration on Tuesday introduced new rules to double fuel economy for cars and light-duty trucks by 2025, a move that the White House says will be comparable to cutting a dollar a gallon from the price of gasoline and that auto dealers warned would raise the cost of a new car.

Myanmar government abolishes direct media censorship

via Chicao Tribune | Tue August 21, 2012
Myanmar abolished direct media censorship on Monday, the latest dramatic reform by its quasi-civilian regime, but journalists face other formidable restrictions including a ban on private daily newspapers and a pervasive culture of self-censorship.

Nanaimo latest B.C. municipality to ban shark fin

Story contains video via The Province | Tue August 14, 2012
B.C.’s anti-shark fin movement is gaining momentum as Nanaimo becomes the newest municipality to become fin-free.

Human Rights Court Rules in Favor of Community Over Ecuadorian Government

via Indian Country Today | Wed August 01, 2012
In a case that could have broad implications, the Kichwa community of Sarayaku, Ecuador, won a major battle on July 25, when the Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruled that the Ecuadorian government had violated its rights to communal property and cultural identity.

City council votes 13-2 to ban sale, possession of shark fins

Story contains video via Calgary Herald | Wed July 18, 2012
Shark fin soup has been called pricey, extravagant and flavourless. This October, it will become illegal in Calgary.

Libya election: High turnout in historic vote

via BBC | Sat July 07, 2012
Libyans have been voting in their first free national election for 60 years.

Human Rights Council backs Internet freedom

via New York Daily News | Sat July 07, 2012
Despite opposition from India, China and Russia, the UN Human Rights Council passed its first resolution on Internet freedom, to support individuals’ rights online.

China to ban shark fin soup from official functions

via Washington Post | Tue July 03, 2012
Shark fin lovers attending an upcoming Chinese government soirée may be disappointed to find the delicacy off the menu.

Shark fin ban gains momentum in Metro cities

via North Shore Outlook | Fri June 29, 2012
A campaign to stamp out the use of shark fins by Chinese restaurants is quickly gaining steam across Metro Vancouver.

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