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Maldives creates world’s biggest marine reserve

via Maldives | Thu June 21, 2012
The Indian Ocean archipelago of the Maldives announced at the Rio+20 summit it would create the world’s biggest marine reserve to protect its fisheries and biodiversity.

Ten African nations pledge to transform their economies to take nature into account

via MongaBay | Thu June 14, 2012
Last month ten African nations, led by Botswana, pledged to incorporate 'natural capital' into their economies. Natural capital, which seeks to measure the economic worth of the services provided by ecosystems and biodiversity—for example pollination, clean water, and carbon—is a nascent, but growing, method to curtail environmental damage and ensure more sustainable development.

Toronto joins growing list of municipalities to ban plastic bags

via Toronto Sun | Thu June 07, 2012
What started off as a debate to get rid of an unpopular five-cent fee for a plastic bag has ended up with the largest outright ban on plastic bags in North America.

After damning research, France proposes banning pesticide linked to bee collapse

via MongaBay | Tue June 05, 2012
Following research linking neonicotinoid pesticides to the decline in bee populations, France has announced it plans to ban Cruiser OSR, an insecticide produced by Sygenta.

A small human rights victory as Egypt’s state of emergency ends

via Egypt Independent | Thu May 31, 2012
In place for 31 years, a state of emergency that gives broad and unchecked powers to Egypt’s police force will end at the stroke of midnight today.

Egyptians vote in landmark presidential election

Story contains video via BBC | Wed May 23, 2012
Egyptians are voting in the first free presidential election in their history, made possible by last year's Arab Spring uprising.

South Korea adopts greenhouse gas regulations

via | Sat May 05, 2012
Building on an ambitious effort to scale up green investments and reduce reliance on imported fossil fuels, South Korea this week became the first Asian nation to formally adopt a cap-and-trade programme for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

California public to vote on GMO Label Act after 1 million signatures

Story contains video via Digital Journal | Fri May 04, 2012
The grassroots petition in California to mandate the labeling of genetically modified (GM) foods has garnered almost double the amount of signatures needed to place the issue on the state ballot for the November 2012 election.

Peru is latest developing nation to adopt climate change initiative

via Chicago Tribune | Sat April 28, 2012
Peru became the latest developing country to enact a domestic climate change initiative in the absence of a binding global pact, adopting a resolution on Thursday to lower carbon emissions in its fast-growing economy.

Mexico becomes 2nd country in the world to pass national climate-change law

via | Sun April 22, 2012
As the Kyoto Protocol winds down without a strong replacement, countries are implementing their own strategies to reduce global warming.

US to make profit from bailouts, Treasury says

via BBC | Wed April 18, 2012
The US will make a profit from bailing out the nation's banks and carmakers at the height of the financial crisis, the Treasury Department has said.

Toronto Becomes First City To Mandate Green Roofs

Story contains video via Crisp Green | Fri April 13, 2012
On April 30th, Toronto will become the first city in North America with a bylaw that requires roofs to be green. And we're not talking about paint. A green roof, also known as a living roof, uses various hardy plants to create a barrier between the sun's rays and the tiles or shingles of the roof.

Obama: STOCK Act a step toward restoring Americans’ faith in Washington

Story contains video via CNN | Wed April 04, 2012
President Barack Obama signed legislation on Wednesday aimed at restoring Americans' faith in the nation's public institutions at a time they rank at record lows in opinion polls. The act bans insider trading by members of Congress and many executive branch employees.

Burmese savour taste of democracy

via BBC | Sat March 24, 2012
Only a small proportion of Burma's parliamentary seats are being contested in by-elections in April, but with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi standing for the first time, the campaign has considerable significance.

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