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Abducted Boy Found Alive in Mexico

via ABC News | GNN staff | Sun May 17, 2009
A 3-year-old boy kidnapped at gunpoint by two men who broke into his family's San Bernardino, Calf., home nearly two weeks ago, was found alive in Mexico, authorities said today.

‘Tough’ toddler found alive after 2 days in woods

via Associated Press | GNN staff | Sat May 09, 2009
Thirsty, dirty and tired after spending two days and nights barely clothed in the wet, chilly woods of Mark Twain National Forest, 3-year-old Joshua Childers was ready to go home.

Father reunited with lost boys

via Cleveland Daily Banner | GNN staff | Thu May 07, 2009
An American father torn from his two British toddlers was recently reunited nearly three decades after his last image was of changing their diapers.

Windswept Chihuahua Found by Pet Psychic

via Student Operated Press | GNN staff | Thu April 30, 2009
A chihuahua named Tinker Bell was swept up by winds gusting up to 70 mph on Saturday in the small town of Waterford Township, Michigan 25 miles northwest of Detroit.

Dog lives eight days in rubble

via Metro | GNN staff | Thu April 16, 2009
A pet dog has been reunited with its owners after surviving for eight days in the rubble of a house demolished by the Italian earthquake.

Prisoners baby-sit toddler found on Md. highway

via Associated Press | GNN staff | Mon March 30, 2009
A prison work crew baby-sat a 2 1/2-year-old boy who was spotted Friday running along the center lines of a rural Maryland highway, with trucks loaded with gravel rumbling by, police and correctional officials said.

Pair rescued in Bermuda Triangle

via BBC News | GNN staff | Tue February 24, 2009
A man from Greater Manchester has spoken about being rescued near the Bermuda Triangle after being lost at sea for 40 days.

Christian the Lion (w/Video)

via | GNN staff | Sat November 29, 2008
I’ll bet you’ve never seen a pet like the one in this Video of the Day. In 1969, two friends, John Rendall and Ace Berg, purchased a lion. At the time, Christian the lion was a 35-pound cub.

Outpouring of affection for Kaiser, his owner

via Los Angeles Daily News | GNN staff | Mon August 11, 2008
It's a beautiful ending to a touching rags-to-riches story.

Saved by trivia text service

via The Sun | GNN staff | Fri March 28, 2008
Brit holidaymakers Ian Lawler and girlfriend Ranelle Chapman got lost in a Thai jungle -- and were rescued after sending an SOS to a London text service 6,000 miles away.

Danny Boy the bird reunites with owners: Pet macaw found 15 months after he flew away

via MSNBC | GNN staff | Sun March 23, 2008
A pet macaw named Danny Boy flew the coop in Carpinteria and was found 15 months later some 80 miles away in Pasadena.

The Miracle Under the Mattress

via MSNBC | GNN staff | Tue October 23, 2007
A mattress and a miracle are being credited for sparing the life of a 14-month-old boy sucked out of his home crib and all and thrown 40 or 50 feet by a powerful tornado that struck a sleeping Michigan family on Friday.

Autistic Hiker Found Alive in W.Va

via AP | GNN staff | Thu October 18, 2007
An autistic 18-year-old lost in the wilderness for four days was found sleeping under a bush Thursday, weak but apparently fine, and reunited with his family, searchers said.

Lost Dog Walks 7 Miles to Find His Home

via AP | GNN staff | Thu October 11, 2007
Bailey didn't need MapQuest or a navigation system to find his way back...

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