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Woman discovers co-worker is her mother

via Boston Globe | GNN staff | Sat June 24, 2006
Michelle Wetzell, who was adopted when she was 4 days old, wanted to find her birth mother.

Long-lost World War II sub likely found

via USA Today | GNN staff | Sat June 17, 2006
For 60 years, Nancy Kenney wondered what happened to her father. The submarine that William T. Mabin was in disappeared while he and his crewmates were on a mission to attack a Japanese convoy in the last months of World War II.

Runaway tortoise found

via Ananova | GNN staff | Sat June 17, 2006
A tortoise that "did a runner" after 55 years with the same partner has been found safe and well.

Looted Maya Treasure Returned Anonymously

via National Geographic | Sun June 11, 2006
A 1,500-year-old Maya stone box that had been looted from a Guatemalan cave has been returned by an unnamed collector.

Bamboo tunnel to help panda groups reunite

via People's Daily Online | Mon May 15, 2006
The construction of a national highway 23 years ago separated the two largest giant panda populations in the Qinling Mountains of Northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

Lost Hikers Survive 3 Nights in Mountains

via SFGate | Wed May 10, 2006
Two lost hikers who survived three nights in the frigid San Jacinto Mountains said they stumbled upon the campsite of a man who vanished a year ago and were able to scavenge food, clothes and matches from his backpack.

Australian Miners Walk Free After 14 Days Trapped Underground

via Bloomberg | Mon May 08, 2006
Two Australian miners walked free today after being trapped for 14 days almost 1,000 meters (3,281 feet) underground in a gold mine at Beaconsfield in Australia's Tasmania state.

Rescuers Within Inches of Trapped Miners

via The Kindred Times | Mon May 08, 2006
Taking turns, rescuers lay on their backs in the cramped tunnel, chipping away with hand-held tools: By Monday, only 12 inches of hard rock separated them from the Australian miners trapped 3,000 feet underground.

Brothers Reunited After Half A Century

via Fife Today | GNN staff | Wed April 26, 2006
A 13,000-mile journey ended with Eddie Paterson knocking on his brother George's door in Mittagong, Australia.

Missing Oregon family found after two weeks

via CTV | GNN staff | Thu March 23, 2006
A camping trip became a survival mission for one family who took a wrong turn and got stuck in a snowy wilderness along the Oregon coast.

Tiny dog survives eight days in the elements

via Elko Daily Free Press | GNN staff | Thu December 29, 2005
Ogden, Utah, residents Lee and Irene DellaSilva got their Christmas wish this year.

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