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Pressurized Water Provides Clean Power

via Betterhumans | Mon October 20, 2003
A new method of harnessing the power of pressurized liquids could lead to small electronic devices and even national power grids powered by ordinary tap water.

NASA Research Team Successfully Flies First Laser-Powered Aircraft

via Science Daily | Sun October 12, 2003
Ever since the dawn of powered flight, it has been necessary for all aircraft to carry onboard fuel - whether in the form of batteries, fuel, solar cells, or even a human 'engine' - in order to stay aloft.

Refusing to go with the flow

via The Scotsman | Tue October 07, 2003
Just add water - a common phrase that shows how we take this life-dependent substance for granted. But this unique hydrogen/oxygen combination is at the centre of cutting-edge technology, bringing science into a new age.

Three scientists win Nobel physics prize

via Financial Times | Tue October 07, 2003
Three scientists won the Nobel physics prize on Tuesday for contributions made many years ago to understanding what happens to materials at extremely low temperatures. Some lose all resistance to electric current - superconductivity - and others lose resistance to physical movement - superfluidity.

NASA research propels development of new glass

via Space Flight Now | Tue October 07, 2003
There's a new glass in town. The glass, developed with the help of a unique NASA levitator facility, is available for numerous commercial applications including lasers and optical communications.

China will launch manned space flight on Oct. 15

via USA Today | Tue October 07, 2003
BEIJING (AP) China will launch its first human being into space on Oct. 15 in a 90-minute flight that will orbit the Earth once, a major Chinese Web site reported, quoting a top government rocketry official.

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