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New ‘Goldilocks’ Exoplanet Could be the Most Earth-Like We’ve Yet Seen

Story contains video via Popular Science | Mon September 05, 2011
Scientists have tracked down another goldilocks planet 31 light-years from Earth, and according to astronomers it has some strong points in its favor when it comes to the possibility of harboring the ingredients for life.

Nasa images show signs of recent flowing water on Mars

Story contains video via BBC | Thu August 04, 2011
Striking new images from the mountains of Mars may be the best evidence yet of flowing, liquid water, an essential ingredient for life.

Messenger probe enters Mercury orbit

via BBC | Fri March 18, 2011
Nasa's Messenger spacecraft has successfully entered into orbit around the planet Mercury - the first probe to do so.

5 Earth-sized planets spied in ‘habitable zone’

Story contains video via Washington Times | Thu February 03, 2011
At least five Earth-sized planets appear to be orbiting their stars at just the right distance to host liquid water, NASA said Wednesday, announcing a significant step in the agency’s search for extraterrestrial life.

Rocky exoplanet milestone in hunt for Earth-like worlds

via BBC | Tue January 11, 2011
Astronomers have discovered the smallest planet outside our solar system, and the first that is undoubtedly rocky like Earth.

At Long Last, Moon’s Core ‘Seen’

via ScienceMag | Sun January 09, 2011
Apollo astronauts may be garnering another prize from their exploits of more than 3 decades ago. They left seismometers across the face of the moon to probe its interior, but no one had been able to paint a clear picture from the data the sensors collected. Now, two independent groups have reanalyzed the Apollo data using modern but very different techniques, and both teams say they have detected lunar seismologists' prime target: a core of iron that is still molten 4.5 billion years after the moon's formation.

NASA-Funded Research Discovers Life Built With Toxic Chemical

via NASA | Fri December 03, 2010
NASA-funded astrobiology research has changed the fundamental knowledge about what comprises all known life on Earth.

NASA-funded survey suggests earth-sized planets are common

Story contains video via Xinhuanet | Thu November 04, 2010
Nearly one in four stars similar to the sun may host planets as small as Earth, according to a new study funded by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the University of California.

Runway opens at world’s first spaceport

Story contains video via BBC | Sat October 23, 2010
Commercial space travel took a step closer with the opening of the runway at the world's first spaceport in the US state of New Mexico.

A New Pair Of Glasses To View Earth

Story contains video via Terra Daily | Tue October 19, 2010
Our view of Earth is set to become even sharper with new instruments to be carried on ESA's Sentinel-3 satellites. In many ways, it will be like looking at Earth through a new pair of glasses.

Virgin spaceship’s first solo flight

Story contains video via The Sun | Mon October 11, 2010
HOLIDAYMAKERS are one small step closer to the stars after the world's first tourist rocket made a giant leap in its race to take people into space.

Russian Firm Unveils Plan for First Space Hotel

Story contains video via ABC News | Sun October 03, 2010
The lead Russian contractor for the International Space Station (ISS) says it plans to build the first hotel in space to cash in on a growing market for private tourism, a senior executive said on Thursday.

Astronomers: Newly discovered planet may be able to support life

Story contains video via CNN | Fri October 01, 2010
Astronomers have discovered a new planet that just may be able to support life in a nearby solar system a mere 20 light years from Earth.

Alien oceans could be detected by telescopes

Story contains video via BBC | Fri September 10, 2010
The next generation of telescopes could reveal the presence of oceans on planets outside our Solar System.

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