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NASA setting off on first-ever collision course with comet

via USA Today | Wed January 12, 2005
For the first time ever, NASA is setting off on a collision course with a comet, in hopes of blasting a huge hole in the celestial snowball and gazing upon the original ingredients of the solar system preserved inside.

NASA’s New, Improved Fuel Tank is Ready

via Red Nova | Mon January 03, 2005
NASA takes a major step toward returning astronauts to space when engineers this week ship an improved rocket fuel tank that has been refitted to avoid the falling debris that caused the destruction of Columbia and the death of seven astronauts.

Space Probe Begins Descent to Saturn Moon Titan

via Reuters | Sun December 26, 2004
A European-designed space probe broke away from its NASA mothership on Friday on a plunge toward the mysterious Saturn moon Titan, starting a journey researchers hope will end with answers about one of the most puzzling bodies in the solar system.

Space Station Receives Badly Needed Food Supply

via Halifax Live | Sat December 25, 2004
The crew of International Space Station received badly needed supplies on Christmas day from an unmanned Russian spacecraft, enabling the mission to continue.

Giant Mars rover will search for life

via New Scientist | Fri December 17, 2004
NASA will search for signs of life on Mars with a giant rover due to launch in 2009. The agency selected the vital instruments that the Mars Science Laboratory rover will carry on Tuesday.

First European Craft Enters Lunar Orbit

via Reuters | Wed November 17, 2004
The first European spacecraft sent to the moon has entered lunar orbit, the European Space Agency (ESA) said on Tuesday.

Countdown to solar-sail voyage begins

via MSNBC | Thu November 11, 2004
A solar-sail spacecraft designed to be propelled by the pressure of sunlight will be launched early next year, the Planetary Society said Tuesday.

Canadian astronomer builds liquid mirror telescope

via CBC Newsworld | GNN staff | Fri July 23, 2004
A Canadian astronomer has built a different kind of telescope that holds huge promise. It?s easy to build, cheap to operate and could have enormous value to NASA and other space programs. It?s called a Liquid Mirror Telescope.

Private spacecraft to launch June 21

via CNN | Wed June 02, 2004
The world's first privately built spacecraft is scheduled to leave Earth on June 21 and -- if successful -- usher in a new era of spaceflight for private enterprise.

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