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Microbe found two miles under Greenland ice is reawakened from a 120,000-year sleep

via Mail Online | GNN staff | Tue June 16, 2009
A tiny purple bug that has been buried under nearly two miles of ice for 120,000 years has been revived in a lab.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceships finished by December 2009

via Telegraph | GNN staff | Sat May 30, 2009
Sir Richard Branson told Google's Zeitgeist conference Virgin Galactic spaceships will be ready for testing by December 2009 and are on track to be carbon neutral.

Europe unveils British astronaut

via BBC News | GNN staff | Thu May 21, 2009
Timothy Peake, a 37-year-old test pilot in the Army Air Corps, has been accepted into the European Space Agency's (Esa) Astronaut Corps.

Hubble gyros fixed after struggle

via BBC | Mon May 18, 2009
Astronauts have completed the most critical repair to the Hubble Space Telescope after a long struggle.

Earth, observed

via | GNN staff | Fri January 16, 2009
The Earth Observatory is a website run by NASA's Earth Observing System Project Science Office (EOSPSO).

Supersonic water jets shoot from Saturn moon

via New Scientist | GNN staff | Thu November 27, 2008
Supersonic jets of water vapour are blasting from Saturn's moon Enceladus, reveal observations from NASA's Cassini spacecraft.

Exoplanets finally come into view

via BBC | Thu November 13, 2008
Two studies show the first direct images of planets outside our solar system, including a three-planet system.

Hubble re-opens an eye

via New Scientist | Tue October 28, 2008
The telescope's main camera is back on after being dormant for a month � two other cameras may soon restart their observations

VIDEO: India Heads to Moon

via National Geographic | Wed October 22, 2008
Aiming to redraw lunar maps, India has launched its first moon mission, joining other countries in a new space race.

NASA sends probe to study edge of solar system

via AFP | Sun October 19, 2008
WASHINGTON, (AFP) - The US space agency was on Sunday to launch a space probe that will go into orbit high above earth to study the distant edge of the solar system where hot solar winds crash into the cold outer space.

Mars rover facing two-year trek

via BBC | Mon September 22, 2008
Nasa is sending its Opportunity Mars rover on an 11km, two-year trek to try to reach a huge crater.

Exoplanet ‘circles normal star’

via BBC | Wed September 17, 2008
Astronomers unveil what may be the first picture of an extra-solar planet circling a normal star like our own Sun.

Europe’s Mars Express probe gets an eyeful of the Red Planet’s major moon, Phobos

via BBC | Wed July 30, 2008
Europe's Mars Express spacecraft returns some remarkable close-up images of the Red Planet's Phobos moon.

Solar sail gets another chance for launch

via New Scientist | Fri July 04, 2008
As early as the end of July 2008, NASA plans to test solar sail technology in orbit with a tiny spacecraft called NanoSail-D

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