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Eco-friendly rally sets off from Kyoto

via Hindustan Times | Fri June 10, 2005
Dozens of eco-friendly cars cruised from this ancient Japanese city that gave birth to the landmark environmental treaty in a motor rally to promote sustainable development.

Ancient Bear DNA Mapped—A 1st for Extinct Species

via National Geographic | Wed June 08, 2005
Scientists have sequenced the DNA of two cave bears that roamed the Austrian Alps some 40,000 years ago. It marks the first time researchers have been able to completely sequence the DNA of a species that has long been extinct.

Back to good old wind and waves

via The Telegraph | Mon May 30, 2005
Will technological advances, fuel costs and environmental concerns bring back commercial sailing for cargo ships?

Engineers Design Tsunami-Resistant Homes

via ABC News | Fri May 27, 2005
Not long after the devastating December tsunami, a team of structural engineers from London visited Sri Lanka and noticed a trend as they surveyed destroyed homes: Walls facing the sea were leveled, while those perpendicular to it were standing.

Sensor prevents shut-eye in digital snaps

via New Scientist | Thu May 26, 2005
Digital images featuring someone in mid-blink could be banished forever using an image-analysis system for cameras developed in Japan.

Internet Phones Must Offer 911

via | GNN staff | Mon May 23, 2005
Federal regulators voted Thursday to require that Internet phone service providers connect their customers to the same emergency 911 capabilities as callers with traditional service within four months.

Firm claims fuel cell breakthrough

via CNET | Sat May 21, 2005
A small British technology company on Thursday claimed to be on the verge of unlocking the vast potential of fuel cells as a commercially viable source of green energy.

Vattenfall to invest 40 mln eur in ‘emissions-free’ power plant in Germany

via Forbes | Fri May 20, 2005
The Swedish electricity producer Vattenfall said it is to invest 40 mln eur in the world's first carbon dioxide 'emissions-free' power station.

Tech Firms Owe Debt to ‘Star Wars’ Creator

via | GNN staff | Sun May 15, 2005
After filming the first "Star Wars'' movie with special effects far from special, George Lucas spent millions to develop a complete digital editing system to populate his sequels with armies of X-wing fighters and Gungan warriors.

Remote landmine clearer unveiled

via Melbourne Herald Sun | Sat May 14, 2005
A British inventor has unveiled a remote-controlled device to clear landmines that kill or maim 2000 people worldwide a month, saying the new "MineBurner" could generate huge savings for mine-clearing operations across the world.

Huge solar power station planned for Portugal

via Guardian Unlimited | Sat May 07, 2005
A plan to build the world's biggest solar energy power station, covering about 250 hectares and capable of sustaining 130,000 households, has been unveiled in Portugal.

India completes historic satellite launch

via NDTV | Thu May 05, 2005
It was a historic day for India's space programme.

Scientists in U.S. create ‘low-tech’ nuclear fusion device

In a surprising feat of miniaturization, scientists reported Thursday that they have produced nuclear fusion - the same process that powers the sun - in a small cylinder just five inches in diameter.

Goal: educate world’s kids with $100 PCs

via Christian Science Monitor | GNN staff | Wed April 27, 2005
A cheap laptop in the hands of every child in the developing world. It's the kind of dream reminiscent of the dotcom fervor of the 1990s - and a personal goal of Nicholas Negroponte since the 1980s.

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