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GM, DaimlerChrysler to develop hybrid engines

via | Tue December 14, 2004
General Motors Corp. and DaimlerChrysler AG are teaming up to develop fuel-saving hybrid engines in hopes of cashing in on an expanding market already dominated by hybrid leaders Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co.

Green Cars Start Taking Root

via CNN | Sun December 05, 2004
Environmentally friendly hybrid cars are finally being mass-produced -- thanks to an increase in demand due to rising fuel costs, cheaper technology and growing public acceptance.

Scientists turn cellphones into flowers

via Hindustan Times | Tue November 30, 2004
Instead of chucking your old cellphone, you can now transform it into the flower of your choice as a team of researchers at the Warwick University have found a novel way to compost old and discarded phones into flowers.

Batwing airliners would cut noise by half

via Times Online | Tue November 30, 2004
"batwing" aircraft, which would be far quieter and more fuel efficient than any conventional airliner, is being developed by British and American scientists.

Sponge-like artificial bone developed

via | Tue November 23, 2004
A Japanese research group has developed a sponge-like artificial bone that can be cut by scissors for an easy fit inside the body and transforms into real bone within months.

Disabled dolphin gets artificial fin

via Japan Today | Mon November 22, 2004
Fuji, a female dolphin that lost 75% of her tail due to a mysterious disease, is jumping once again with the help of what is believed to be the world's first artificial fin, developed by Bridgestone Corp.

Speedy Plane Check-In by Mobile Phone Set for 2005

via Reuters | Thu November 18, 2004
Passengers wanting to skip airport queues will be able to check in for flights using their mobile phone beginning next year, two European firms set to offer the service announced on Tuesday.

Office workers and costs look healthier in green buildings

via | Mon November 15, 2004
Office workers who are worn down by shivering or sweltering at their desks will get relief in one of the newest skyscrapers under construction in New York City.

Nuclear fusion reactor deal close - statement

via Planet Ark | Fri November 12, 2004
Major industrial nations are close to an agreement on where to build the world's first nuclear fusion reactor in a project to try to replicate the way the sun generates energy, a joint statement said.

Sunflower oil boost to car future

via BBC | Sun October 24, 2004
UK scientists have developed a process for making hydrogen from sunflower oil which could prove an important future source of eco-friendly energy.

Point and Snoot: Introducing the Nose Mouse

via | Thu September 16, 2004
At long last, the noses of computer users have a purpose beyond holding up eyeglasses and balancing spoons.

Chipmaker sees solar cell revolution

via MSNBC | Sat November 15, 2003
Promising a revolution in solar cells, Europe's largest semiconductor maker says it has discovered ways to generate electricity twenty times cheaper than today's solar panels. French-Italian chip maker STMicroelectronics said it expects to have the first stable prototypes by the end of 2004.

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