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Study Shows Coral Will Survive Warming Climate

via Eureka Alert - Press Release | Tue April 03, 2012
Corals may be better placed to cope with the gradual acidification of the world's oceans than previously thought -- giving rise to hopes that coral reefs might escape climatic devastation.

Santa Barbara Council Votes to Proceed with Plan for Carrying Out Plastic Bag Ban

via Noozhawk | Wed March 14, 2012
“Would you like to buy a bag?” The phrase is now familiar in many California cities, and Santa Barbara could be added to the list of those to ban plastic bags from stores and require merchants to charge for paper or reusable bags.

Florida group rebuilds vital coral reefs

Story contains video via CNN | Sun March 04, 2012
Restoration Foundation to help bring life back to endangered coral reefs. Since 2003, his group has grown thousands of corals in underwater nurseries and planted them on reefs in the Florida Keys.

Judge orders Florida water pollution limits

via News Press | Mon February 20, 2012
A Southwest Florida conservation official is calling a federal judge’s ruling on clean water limits a total victory for the environment.

London restaurants launch ‘straw wars’ campaign

via The Guardian | Thu February 16, 2012
Restaurants, bars ands hotels have joined forces to try and reduce the routine and 'unnecessary' use of plastic drinking straws.

Safeway Announces Sustainable Tuna-Sourcing Policy

via Triple Pundit | Tue February 14, 2012
Safeway recently announced that the Safeway brand Skipjack (chunk-light) canned tuna will be responsibly caught using free-school purse-seine methods. This method of using purse-seiners spots tuna schools by using radar and sonar. The company will transition to this method by the end of the year.

‘Pyramids’ planted to revive Philippine corals

via Outcome Magazine | Fri February 10, 2012
Thousands of small 'pyramids' are being planted off the Philippines' famous Boracay resort island in an effort to bring its nearly destroyed coral reefs back to life, an environment group said Thursday.

Keystone oil sands pipeline rejected, for now

via CNN | Thu January 19, 2012
The Obama administration rejected a bid to expand the controversial Keystone oil sands pipeline Wednesday, saying the deadline imposed by Congress did not leave sufficient time to conduct the necessary review.

Electricity Sparks New Life Into Indonesia’s Coral Reefs

Story contains video via Discovery News | Wed December 28, 2011
A weak, harmless voltage run through metallic structures underwater is reviving near-dead reefs.

Australia setting up world’s largest marine preserve

via Reuters | Fri November 25, 2011
Australia moved to set up the world's biggest marine park on Friday to protect vast areas of the Coral Sea off the country's northeast coast and the site of fierce naval battles during World War Two.

Long-term study shows acid pollution in rain decreased with emissions

via Terra Daily | Sat November 19, 2011
Emissions regulations do have an environmental impact, according to a long-term study of acidic rainfall by researchers at the University of Illinois.

Decline in dead zones: Efforts to heal Chesapeake Bay are working

via AFP | Thu November 10, 2011
Efforts to reduce the flow of fertilizers, animal waste and other pollutants into the Chesapeake Bay appear to be giving a boost to the bay's health, a new study that analyzed 60 years of water quality data has concluded.

Colombian president: no oil drilling in award-winning Seaflower marine reserve

via MongaBay | Thu October 06, 2011
Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, announced over the weekend that there will be no oil exploration in the award-winning Seaflower Biosphere Reserve and Marine Protected Area (MPA).

British rivers ‘healthiest for 20 years’

via AFP | Tue August 30, 2011
The renaissance of Britain's rivers was underlined on Tuesday when waterways once considered polluted to death were revealed as teeming with life.

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