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Thousands of marine species discovered

via DeHavilland | Wed November 24, 2004
An international coalition of scientists has detected 13,000 new marine species in the last year.

Scientists See Hope Amid Coral Doom and Gloom

via Reuters | Sun November 21, 2004
Even though nearly two thirds of coral reefs are now officially endangered, some are bouncing back despite warmer oceans and pollution, giving hope the marine marvels are not completely doomed, scientists said on Friday.

Spain Seeks Three Planes For Oil Spills

via Planet Ark | Tue November 16, 2004
Spain will seek to acquire three aircraft specially equipped to fight oil spills like the Prestige disaster that soiled the northwest Spanish coastline in 2002, the Development Ministry said on Friday.

South Africa moves to protect coral reefs

via | Fri October 15, 2004
South Africa is set to play a leading role in developing a continent-wide plan to improve the protection of coral reefs, the most complex ecosystems in the oceans.

Scientists to explore Arctic Ocean beneath polar ice cap

via Financial Times | Wed June 23, 2004
Marine scientists are to undertake the first systematic exploration of the Arctic Ocean beneath the polar ice cap. They will be looking for new forms of life in what the project organisers call "the planet's oldest seawater - a vast, still pool unstirred for millennia, walled by steep ridges and lidded with ice".

New Marine Conservation Area to Span Four Nations

via National Geographic | Sun February 29, 2004
The creation of one of the world's largest marine protected areas was announced this week by a consortium of Latin American nations, conservation groups, and United Nations agencies. The new reserve will span 521 million acres (211 million hectares) of ocean, from Costa Rica's Cocos Island to Ecuador's Galapagos Islands and beyond.

Canada gives UN agency $10 million for African water, sanitation programmes

via UN News Centre | Thu October 30, 2003
Canada signed an agreement with the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) today committing just over $10 million for African water and sanitation efforts.

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