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Potomac River Vegetation Showing Strong Signs of Recovery

via ENN | Fri September 10, 2010
The Potomac, which runs through the heart of the United States Capital, has suffered centuries of environmental degradation. Water quality has declined steadily as more humans have populated its watershed. However...

No deepwater drilling without environmental studies: U.S.

via National Post | Wed August 18, 2010
U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration announced on Monday it will grant no more permits for deep water oil exploration without requiring studies on their impact on the environment.

Nearly 3/4 of BP spill oil gone from Gulf

via Financial Times | Wed August 04, 2010
About three-quarters of the oil spilled following the BP explosion in the Gulf of Mexico has evaporated and the rest is being dispersed, the White House said on Wednesday, as it released a new report suggesting that the environmental damage would be nowhere near as severe as first feared.

US scientist says much surface Gulf oil dispersed

via BBC | Wed July 28, 2010
Oil from BP's damaged Gulf of Mexico well is clearing from the sea surface faster than expected, scientists say, 100 days after the disaster began.

U.S. Issues New Offshore Oil Drilling Ban

via Planet Ark | Wed July 14, 2010
The Obama administration issued a new moratorium on deepwater oil drilling on Monday, a move the industry said was unnecessary and would place tens of thousands of jobs at risk.

California to ban plastic bags

via Vancouver Sun | Fri June 11, 2010
California is to become the first US state to ban plastic bags in supermarkets in a move Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called a "great victory for the environment."

Gulf of Mexico oil cap funnels 6,000 barrels

via BBC | Sat June 05, 2010
A special cap funnelling oil from the Gulf of Mexico spill appears to be having some success, a US Coast Guard official has said.

Spill Fight Shows Progress

via Wall Street Journal | Sun May 16, 2010
BP PLC had its first breakthrough in the effort to stem the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, using robots to insert one end of a mile-long tube into a shattered oil pipe on the ocean floor. The goal is to siphon up some, if not most, of the crude gushing into the Gulf of Mexico.

China Scientists Find Use For Cigarette Butts

via Planet Ark | Sat May 15, 2010
Chemical extracts from cigarette butts -- so toxic they kill fish -- can be used to protect steel pipes from rusting, a study in China has found.

Gulf oil spill: First leak capped, says BP

via BBC | Wed May 05, 2010
BP has managed to seal the smallest of the three leaks spilling oil into the Gulf of Mexico, the company says.

Russian PM Putin Orders Arctic Cleanup

via Planet Ark | Fri April 30, 2010
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has ordered that a million abandoned barrels of Soviet-era fuel be removed from the Arctic because they are polluting the environment.

Green iPhone apps highlighted

via Sideways News | GNN staff | Thu February 18, 2010
A new iPhone app is aiming to challenge climate change sceptics by providing them with the info needed to understand the effects and implications of global warming.

Sony unveils green mini laptop

via Sideways News | GNN staff | Fri January 08, 2010
Sony is targeting the green pound with its latest offering, an eco-friendly mini laptop which is manufactured, in part, from recycled compact disks.

Coral reefs ‘generate’ new species

via Sideways News | GNN staff | Fri January 08, 2010
While coral reefs have long been known to attract a diverse range of species, the undersea areas also act as cradles of evolution, according to new research.

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