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The Plow & Hearth(R) Campaign to Reforest America(R) Reaches Goal

via Yahoo! Finance | GNN staff | Sat October 24, 2009
The Plow & Hearth(R) Campaign to Reforest America®, a yearlong reforestation effort launched by the company last October has reached its goal of donating one million trees to be planted in locations across the country.

Vail backs Hayman fire reforestation with $750K

via Denver Business Journal | GNN staff | Sat October 17, 2009
Vail Resorts Inc. is wagering $750,000 that investing in the rehabilitation of forests and watersheds — none of which is contiguous to its ski areas — will increase its business nonetheless.

Reforestation Strategy to the Rescue of Cuban Soils Damaged by Mining Works

via Ahora | GNN staff | Fri October 16, 2009
The Pinares de Mayari Basic Unit intends to repair the environmental damage caused by opencast mining operations in one of Cuba’s easternmost provinces by cultivating plants in the affected areas.

Restored Wetlands Considered for Carbon Offsets

via Environmental Leader | GNN staff | Thu October 15, 2009
As landowners increasingly market forest lands for their carbon offsets, other sources are being considered.

Brazil eyes Amazon sugar cane ban

via BBC News | GNN staff | Sun October 11, 2009
The Brazilian government has unveiled plans to ban sugar cane plantations in environmentally sensitive areas.

Dominican Republic to plant 2 million trees

via Repeating Islands | GNN staff | Sat October 10, 2009
The Dominican Republic has launched a reforestation project focused on planting 2 million trees across the country.

In Reversal Of Bush Policy, EPA Launches New Study of Atrazine’s Health Effects

via Huffington Post | GNN staff | Sat October 10, 2009
The Environmental Protection Agency today reversed its stance on the potential hazards of atrazine, one of the most commonly-used herbicides in the country, saying it will re-examine how the chemical affects human health.

FOB/TOB Oyster Bay Harbor Cleanup With Many Hands Making Work Light

via Oyster Bay Enterprise-Pilot | GNN staff | Fri October 09, 2009
Thanks to the combined efforts of the Town of Oyster Bay, Friends of the Bay and a dedicated corps of volunteers from the local community who worked together for the 24th International Coastal Cleanup, the beaches and bays of Oyster Bay are now much cleaner.

Upland farmers hired to reforest Antique’s mountainous barangays

via Philippine Information Agency | GNN staff | Fri October 09, 2009
A total of 220 farmer-members of upland farmers' organizations in the towns of Barbaza and Libertad in northern Antique have engaged in Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) and reforestation project, a program of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) under the Comprehensive Livelihood and Emergency Employment Program (CLEEP).

Uganda Trees First in Africa to Count as CO2 Emissions Reductions

via ENS | GNN staff | Wed October 07, 2009
Pines and a mix of native African trees will soon cover what is now grassland within Uganda's Rwoho Central Forest Reserve, an upper watershed of Lake Victoria.

Feds designate $320 million to improve Mississippi River water quality

via San Luis Obispo Tribune | GNN staff | Wed September 30, 2009
The river that begins as a trickle in Itasca State Park in Minnesota and ends 2,350 miles later at the Gulf of Mexico will get a $320 million infusion from the federal government to improve water quality.

In hundreds of cities, parking spaces become parks

via SiFy | GNN staff | Mon September 21, 2009
Activists across the nation parked themselves curbside Friday, taking up spaces reserved for cars and transforming them into mini parks with sod, potted plants, lawn chairs and even barbecues to raise awareness about how the auto has won the battle over public space in big cities.

Hugh Jackman To Kick Off New York City Climate Week

via Ecorazzi | GNN staff | Mon September 21, 2009
People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”, Hugh Jackman, will be hitting the podium to help launch NYC Climate Week this coming Monday, September 21st.

Water is Life

via New Earth Rising | GNN staff | Fri September 18, 2009
In southern Portugal, a pilot model shows how the desertification of the Mediterranean and other threatened places in the world can be stopped. It is also a model for regional food autonomy.

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