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Australian scientists find world’s smallest fish

via China View | Mon July 12, 2004
Australian scientists claimed to have found the world's smallest and the lightest fish, which measures eight millimeters at its maximum length.

Algonquin Wolves To Be Protected At Last

via CPIW Society | Thu March 11, 2004
Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources has announced a proposal to permanently protect the wolves of Algonquin Park, and develop a provincial wolf conservation policy.

Endangered Siberian tiger gives births to sextuplets in China zoo

via Xinhua | Mon March 01, 2004
A Siberian tiger has given birth to sextuplets at a zoo in east China's Zhejiang Province, boostingthe endangered species' population, which had been estimated at less than 400 in the wild, local zoo officials said

New Marine Conservation Area to Span Four Nations

via National Geographic | Sun February 29, 2004
The creation of one of the world's largest marine protected areas was announced this week by a consortium of Latin American nations, conservation groups, and United Nations agencies. The new reserve will span 521 million acres (211 million hectares) of ocean, from Costa Rica's Cocos Island to Ecuador's Galapagos Islands and beyond.

Rare Puerto Rico Coqui Frog To Receive Protections Under Legal Accord

via Center for Biological Diversity | Sat February 14, 2004
The Center for Biological Diversity and the Maunabo Development Committee have reached a legal settlement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in a lawsuit under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). As a result of the settlement approved by Washington D.C. Federal District Court Judge Richard W. Roberts, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) will prepare a Recovery Plan for the coqui guajon, also known as the Puerto Rico rock frog, by November 2004 and make a Critical Habitat determination for the species by September 2006.

New Species of Desert Shrew Found in Southern Arizona

via University of Arizona | Thu February 05, 2004
Not since 1977 has a new mammal species been discovered in Arizona. But a Texas Tech University professor recently identified a new species of desert shrew that he first caught in the Santa Rita Mountains nearly 40 years ago, when he was a University of Arizona graduate student.

Endangered sea turtles make a dramatic turnaround

via Innovations Report | Sun February 01, 2004
Poaching of a critically important population of endangered hawksbill sea turtles along the coast of Nicaragua has dropped by more than 79 percent, thanks to a unique program developed by the Bronx Zoo-based Wildlife Conservation Society that enlists support from local communities, fishing groups, and government agencies.

Shipping Lanes Moved to Protect Right Whales

via World Wildlife Fund | Fri October 31, 2003
To better protect some of the world's most endangered whales from collisions with ships, Canadian authorities are changing the shipping lanes in the Bay of Fundy beginning July 1. The move marks the first time shipping lanes have been altered to protect an endangered species. Over the last decade, ship collisions have been responsible for about 40 percent of all known North Atlantic right whale deaths.

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