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Scientists to Study Forgiveness in Great Apes

via Environmental News Network | GNN staff | Tue April 05, 2005
To learn more about human forgiveness and the process of culture, an international team of researchers will begin a scientific study this spring at Great Ape Trust of Iowa into the topic of forgiveness and social interaction in bonobos (Pan paniscus).

Republicans present letter to Senate opposing ANWR drilling

via KTUU | GNN staff | Mon April 04, 2005
Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is often labeled as a Republican or Democratic issue, but there are Republicans who are exceptions to the rule.

North Atlantic Right Whale Has Baby Boom

via ABC News | GNN staff | Sun April 03, 2005
A baby boom has given a lift to the endangered North Atlantic right whale, with a near-record number of births in the just-ended calving season, according to researchers at the New England Aquarium.

Farmers aid bird population rise

via BBC | Sat April 02, 2005
Cumbrian farmers have been praised for helping to revive the county's flagging bird population.

Alaska zoo elephant to get treadmill

via CNN | Sat April 02, 2005
Everyone -- from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to the U.S. Department of Agriculture -- seems to want to weigh in with opinions on trimming Maggie the elephant's waistline.

Animals Laughed Long Before Humans, Study Says

via National Geographic | Fri April 01, 2005
When it comes to laughing, we are not alone, scientists say. The ha-ha instinct predates humans, and animals are apparently still chuckling today.

Sakhalin Energy re-routes gas pipeline to help save grey whale

via Terra Daily | Thu March 31, 2005
The oil consortium Sakhalin Energy, led by Anglo-Dutch energy giant Shell, said Wednesday it would reposition a new gas pipeline in far eastern Russia to help protect the endangered grey whale.

First Cubs of Endangered Iberian Lynx Born in Zoo

via Planet Ark | Wed March 30, 2005
Three Iberian lynx have been born in Spain, the first cubs of the world's most endangered feline to be born in captivity, the Environment Ministry said on Tuesday.

Fewer fish discarded after individual transferable quotas offered

via Innovations Report | Tue March 29, 2005
Contradicting previous assumptions, new fisheries research shows that allocating catch among vessels reduces the amount of fish discarded at sea.

Rajasthan to create another national park

via Keralanext | GNN staff | Tue March 29, 2005
The Rajasthan government, under fire for failing to maintain the wildlife sanctuaries of Ghana, Ranthambore and Sariska, plans to recognise Dara wildlife sanctuary as a national park.

Farming scheme aids threatened birds

via Green Consumer Guide | Mon March 28, 2005
A pioneering scheme set up by RSPB Scotland and farmers is helping the rehabilitation of the threatened corn bunting, a once-popular species that has suffered population decline over recent years.

‘Forgotten’ dolphin campaign launched

via Green Consumer Guide | Sun March 27, 2005
A new campaign to save Asia's river dolphins has been launched this week by international conservation group WWF.

Florida crocodiles robustly moving from endangered to threatened

via WPTV | Sat March 26, 2005
Once among the most imperiled animals in the United States, the American crocodile has rebounded so robustly that the federal government announced plans Thursday to cease classifying it as endangered.

FAO adopts guidelines for ecolabelling of fish caught at sea

via | Sat March 26, 2005
After a lengthy period of uncertainty about how to label 'ecological' fish, the FAO has adopted guidelines for how to label a product that has been produced in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

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