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EPA to issue more rules in climate fight

via Reuters | Sat September 04, 2010
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will roll out more regulations on greenhouse gases and other pollution to help fight climate change,

New road concrete developed that actually cleans the air

via Auto Guide | Tue August 31, 2010
Wouldn’t it be great if cars put out less pollution? You can breathe a sigh of relief, because researchers have discovered a breakthrough that will lead to reduced pollution and cleaner air.

Canada, U.S. to regulate emissions of heavy vehicles

via National Post | Fri May 21, 2010
Canada and the United States will work together to slash greenhouse gas emissions by regulating emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, Environment Minister Jim Prentice announced Friday.

Chemical Safety Reform Gains Momentum in Congress

via Science Insider | Tue April 20, 2010
Two bills in Congress would dramatically strengthen the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) ability to regulate chemicals. The bills shift the burden of proof to industry, which would have to demonstrate the safety of existing and new chemicals. That's a major change from the existing system, in which EPA must prove that chemicals are harmful before it can regulate them.

Government pledges cash for eco-drivers

via Sideways News | GNN staff | Fri February 26, 2010
The Government has promised to slash 25% off the price of a low-carbon car up to a maximum of £5,000 as part of plans to reduce the UK's carbon footprint.

Green iPhone apps highlighted

via Sideways News | GNN staff | Thu February 18, 2010
A new iPhone app is aiming to challenge climate change sceptics by providing them with the info needed to understand the effects and implications of global warming.

Gym for the Homeless Helps the Environment

via WXYZ | GNN staff | Fri January 22, 2010
A new gym opened in Detroit today.

Sony unveils green mini laptop

via Sideways News | GNN staff | Fri January 08, 2010
Sony is targeting the green pound with its latest offering, an eco-friendly mini laptop which is manufactured, in part, from recycled compact disks.

Mexico Vows To Set New Efficiency Rules For Autos

via Planet Ark | Wed January 06, 2010
Mexico will limit imports of inefficient used cars and encourage low-carbon technology to reduce its overall volume of tailpipe exhaust, the energy ministry said on Tuesday.

10 green resolutions to save you money

via Sideways News | GNN staff | Mon January 04, 2010
By taking green steps at home, you can save money and make life easier.

Looking ahead, Brazil’s farmers take up reforestation

via Washington Post | GNN staff | Wed November 25, 2009
For nearly 20 years, Luiz Alberto Bortolini cleared trees and planted soybeans as fast as he could, one of many pioneers who turned this barren outpost into prosperous farmland.

Powered By Trash

via Yanko Design | GNN staff | Fri November 13, 2009
A lamppost powered by trash seems like a strange idea but if you think about the ratio between city trash and energy needs – things start to make sense, kinda.

Macedonia in Massive Reforestation Effort

via Balkan Insight | GNN staff | Fri November 13, 2009
Thousands of Macedonians including local athletes, pop stars, actors and politicians joined forces Friday to plant trees all over the country.

VisionWorks Award 2009: Big Prizes for Vertical Gardens, Bacteria Packaging and More

via Cargo77 | GNN staff | Thu November 12, 2009
Congrats to Manuel Dreesmann who received the first prize at this year's VisionWorks Award -- Cargopacks 2020.

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