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Ford to sell first hydrogen minibuses

via Financial Times | Fri January 07, 2005
The hydrogen-powered future of the car industry came a step closer on Sunday when Ford Motor announced the first commercial sale of a hydrogen vehicle and General Motors unveiled a breakthrough in fuel cells using the gas.

Italian Cities Clamp down on High-Polluting Cars

via ENN | Thu December 23, 2004
Citizens in one Alpine region of northern Italy have been walking or taking the bus to work since a curfew on more polluting cars and scooters came into force this month.

Green Cars Start Taking Root

via CNN | Sun December 05, 2004
Environmentally friendly hybrid cars are finally being mass-produced -- thanks to an increase in demand due to rising fuel costs, cheaper technology and growing public acceptance.

Ontario to require 5% ethanol in gas by 2007

via CBC | Sun November 28, 2004
Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty says gas sold in the province will have to contain an average of five per cent ethanol within three years.

China and US launch program to reduce vehicle emissions

via | Wed November 17, 2004
China and the United States launched a program Wednesday to study ways to use advanced US technology to reduce polluting emissions from Chinese vehicles, the first such joint project of its kind.

Britain Proposes Widespread Ban on Public Smoking

via Travel Channel | Tue November 16, 2004
Britain unveiled tough plans Tuesday to ban smoking in all workplaces and restaurants, as well as most pubs and bars, as part of a major push to improve the health of the nation.

California approves world’s toughest vehicle emissions rules

via USA Today | Thu September 30, 2004
California has adopted the world's first rules to reduce greenhouse emissions for autos, taking what supporters see as a dramatic step toward cleaning up the environment but also ensuring higher costs for drivers.

Calif. gives hybrid cars free rein in HOV lane

via MSNBC | Thu September 23, 2004
Hybrid cars received a boost on Thursday when California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation allowing certain gas-electric automobiles into high-occupancy commuter lanes with just one occupant.

Blackout gave cities a breath of fresh air

via New Scientist | Sun May 30, 2004
The blackout that left 50 million North Americans without power in August 2003 had an unexpected benefit - the air became cleaner.

Vancouver pushes for car-sharing. New housing could get break if project has car-sharing

via Vancouver Sun | GNN staff | Wed November 12, 2003
When the Co-operative Auto Network, Vancouver's non-profit car-sharing society, started in 1996, it only had a single Pontiac Firefly -- donated by two of its founders -- and a handful of members.

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