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Earliest Animal Footprints Ever Found

via Terra Daily | Tue October 07, 2008
Columbus OH (SPX) Oct 07, 2008 - The fossilized trail of an aquatic creature suggests that animals walked using legs at least 30 million years earlier than had been thought. The tracks -- two parallel rows of small dots, each about 2 millimeters in diameter -- date back some 570 million years, to the Ediacaran period.

Stonehenge Drew Ailing Pilgrims for Healing

via Discovery News | Mon September 22, 2008
A new excavation suggests Stonehenge was thought to have healing properties.

Looted Obelisk Returned to Ethiopia

via Discovery News | Thu September 04, 2008
After 70 years, the Axum obelisk has been painstakingly reconstructed on its native ground.

Jerusalem ancient walls unveiled

via BBC | Thu September 04, 2008
Archaeologists in Jerusalem give a sneak preview of newly exposed 2,100-year-old walls to the south of the Old City.

Roman temple found under church

via BBC | Tue August 12, 2008
Israeli archaeologists have uncovered the ruins of a Roman temple beneath the foundations of a church.

Neanderthal Bone Yields Complete Mitochondrial Genome

via Discovery News | Thu August 07, 2008
The Neanderthal mitochondrial genome is sequenced from a 38,000-year-old bone.

PHOTOS: Ancient Egypt Town Found

via National Geographic | Wed July 02, 2008
A well-preserved settlement near the temple of Edfu provides rare glimpses into the daily lives of the ancient Egyptians.

Britain’s Last Neanderthals Were More Sophisticated Than We Thought

via Terra Daily | Thu June 26, 2008
An archaeological excavation at a site near Pulborough, West Sussex, has thrown remarkable new light on the life of northern Europe's last Neanderthals. It provides a snapshot of a thriving, developing population - rather than communities on the verge of extinction.

Trove of Dinosaur Fossils Found in Utah

via Discovery News | Tue June 17, 2008
Bones from six dinosaurs, as well as tree and clam fossils are found in a Utah quarry.

First Dinosaur Tracks Found on Arabian Peninsula

via National Geographic | Wed May 21, 2008
Footprints from a herd of plant-eaters on a "leisurely stroll" about 150 million years ago have been discovered in Yemen, experts say.

Divers Find Caesar Bust That May Date to 46 B.C.

via ABC News | GNN staff | Fri May 16, 2008
Divers trained in archaeology discovered a marble bust of an aging Caesar in the Rhone River that France's Culture Ministry said Tuesday could be the oldest known.

PHOTOS: 1,000 Tombs Discovered in Colombia

via National Geographic | Fri May 09, 2008
The massive burial site contains a treasure trove of artifacts and information about two little-known South American civilizations, experts said.

Iraq Museum Reclaims 700 Stolen Artifacts

via National Geographic | Mon April 28, 2008
Iraq's National Museum welcomed the return of more than 700 antiquities stolen during the chaos that followed the U.S.-led invasion five years ago.

Oldest Human Ancestor Fossil Found

via Discovery News | Wed March 26, 2008
An ancient jawbone suggests people lived in Europe much earlier than thought.

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