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Brazil Finds New Europe-Related Dinosaur Species

via Reuters | Fri December 03, 2004
Scientists have found well-preserved fossils of a new dinosaur species that lived 225 million years ago in southern Brazil but had its closest relatives in what is now Europe, Brazilian paleontologists said on Thursday.

Italy Returns Stolen Obelisk to Ethiopia

via Discovery Channel | Sat November 27, 2004
A cyclopean task will put to an end a decades-long diplomatic dispute between Italy and Ethiopia over a looted obelisk, according to a bilateral agreement signed last week in Rome.

Fossil of last great ape ancestor found

via New Kerala | Sat November 20, 2004
Paleontologiosts from the Miguel Crusafont Institute of Paleontology and the Diputacisn de Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain have found a fossil of a new ape species called Pierolapithecus catalaunicus, or its close relative that might have been the last common ancestor to all living great apes, including humans.

Pre-Dinosaur Reptile Discovered—Long-Necked Hunter

via National Geographic | Mon September 27, 2004
With its body obscured by murky waters, an ancient fanged reptile may have used its long neck to lunge at fish and squid. The scenario is based on analysis of a 230-million-year-old fossil discovered in southeastern China.

Fossil Pushes Upright Walking Back 2 Million Years, Study Says

via National Geographic | Mon September 13, 2004
Computer analysis of a fossil thigh bone indicates that a chimp-size human-like creature walked on two legs as early as six million years ago. Walking on two legs, known as bipedalism, is considered by scientists to be a distinguishing characteristic in what sets humans apart from apes.

“Wrinkle Face” Dinosaur Fossil Found in Africa

via National Geographic | Wed June 02, 2004
The fossil skull of a new species of dinosaur-a wrinkle-faced carnivore called Rugops primus that lived 95 million years ago-has been found in a remote part of the Sahara in Africa.

Ancient Pre-Inca Graveyard Found Near Lima

via Yahoo | Thu May 20, 2004
A well-preserved graveyard possibly 1,000 years old has been discovered at an archeological complex of Inca and pre-Inca temples on the outskirts of the Peruvian capital, experts said on Wednesday.

Dozens of Inca Mummies Found on Outskirts of Lima

via Reuters UK | Sun March 07, 2004
Dozens of mummies dating back more than 500 years have been discovered on the path of a proposed highway on the outskirts of the Peruvian capital, near an Inca graveyard, archeologists said on Friday.

New Dinosaur Species Found in Antarctica

via Planet Ark | Fri February 27, 2004
Scientists have discovered two new dinosaur species in Antarctica's frozen reaches, one a primitive carnivore that survived long after its closest relatives had gone extinct, the other a large plant eater found on a mountainside 400 miles from the South Pole, they reported yesterday.

Tiny Fossil Could Be Oldest Known Insect

via CNN | Sat February 14, 2004
A tiny fossil discovered in the 1920s and then largely ignored has been identified as the oldest known insect, scientists report. The discovery pushes back the origins of Earth's most prolific life form some 20 million years.

Archaeologists shed new light on African rock art

via The Guardian | Sun February 08, 2004
Delicate rock paintings in South Africa, once dismissed as primitive scribblings, have turned out to be 2,000 years older than previously thought.

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