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New Fossil Is World’s Oldest Plant-Eating Lizard

via National Geographic | Mon March 24, 2008
A rare fossil discovered in Japan is the oldest known plant-eating lizard, scientists say, shedding light on an evolutionary puzzle that stymied Charles Darwin.

Mummified Dino Uncovered—Skin and All

via Discovery News | Tue March 18, 2008
The mummified remains of a duckbilled dinosaur are covered by hard, fossilized skin.

Ancient Tomb Found on Greek Isle

via Discovery News | Thu March 06, 2008
Will an ancient Greek tomb be the key to finding the homeland of Homer's Odysseus?

Oldest Primate Fossil in North America Discovered

via National Geographic | Mon March 03, 2008
A tiny, 55-million-year-old primate raises the controversial possibility that primates arrived in North America thousands of years before they reached Europe, a new study says.

Dino-Era Seabird Fossils Found in New Zealand

via National Geographic | Fri February 22, 2008
Potentially new bird species that lived alongside the dinosaurs 65 million years ago are among a trove of fossils unearthed on the Chatham Islands, researchers announced.

Giant “Frog From Hell"Fossil Found in Madagascar

via National Geographic | Tue February 19, 2008
Scientists working in Madagascar have found what may be the largest frog that ever lived?and it had an attitude to match, experts say.

Egypt’s Earliest Farming Village Found

via National Geographic | Tue February 12, 2008
Before the pharaohs, a Stone Age people cultivated pigs, sheep, wheat, and barley in the village?Egypt's earliest known agricultural settlement?a new study says.

Photos: Oldest Oil Paintings Found in Caves

via National Geographic | Wed February 06, 2008
A hundred years older than the first known European oil paintings, the newfound Afghan artworks were discovered where the Taliban destroyed giant Buddhas.

Ancient bones suggest cavemen wore boots

via New Scientist | Sun January 27, 2008
Toe bones from a Chinese cave imply that footwear was fashionable at least 40,000 years ago

Researchers Display Shipwreck Artifacts

via AP | GNN staff | Sun October 14, 2007
In 1559, a hurricane plunged as many as seven Spanish sailing vessels to the bottom of Pensacola Bay...

Ancient Roman Coins Found in Portugal

via AP | GNN staff | Sat October 13, 2007
Archaeologists excavating a site in northeastern Portugal discovered 4,500 ancient Roman coins tucked away inside a wall.

Huge Numbers of Dinosaurs Lie in Wait

via NewScientist | GNN staff | Tue October 09, 2007
They are natural history�s superstars, yet we know surprisingly little about the diversity of dinosaurs.

Anubis, god of dead, floats down Thames

via Louisville Courier-Journal | GNN staff | Wed October 03, 2007
A giant statue of the ancient Egyptian god of the dead floated down the Thames on Monday, turning heads as it crossed under London's Tower Bridge.

Ancient Pharaoh Temple Discovered Inside Egypt Mosque

via National Geographic News | GNN staff | Fri September 28, 2007
Parts of a temple dating to the reign of pharaoh Ramses II have been discovered inside a mosque in Luxor, Egypt, officials report.

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