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Turkey: Noah’s Ark anomaly gets a new image

via XinhuaNet | GNN staff | Mon September 24, 2007
Three high-tech companies have joined technology in the search for evidence that a 980-foot-long feature on Turkey's Mt. Ararat might be what's left of Noah's Ark.

Asian “Atlantis” Shows Strange Structure

via National Geographic News | GNN staff | Mon September 24, 2007
Not far from Taiwan, Pacific waters engulf stone structures just off the coast of the tiny Japanese island of Yonaguni Jima, part of the Ryukyu archipelago in this undated photo.

Tara activists take campaign to US

via Irish Times | GNN staff | Sat September 22, 2007
Campaigners battling the development of the M3 motorway near the historic Hill of Tara will take their protest to the US this weekend.

Treasure found in region

via Pendle Today | GNN staff | Wed September 19, 2007
An Aladdin's cave of treasure has been found in Cumbria.

Yale to return Machu Picchu artifacts

via MSNBC | Sun September 16, 2007
Yale University has agreed to return thousands of Inca artifacts taken from Peru's famed Machu Picchu citadel almost a century ago.

Libya to protect past treasures with huge eco project

via Yahoo! News | GNN staff | Thu September 13, 2007
In a country that is mostly desert, Libya wants to preserve a rare verdant region with archaeological treasures from the ravages of looting and encroaching urbanisation.

Radar reveals vast medieval Cambodian city: study

via | GNN staff | Thu September 13, 2007
Archaeologists using radar imagery have shown that an ancient Cambodian settlement centered on the celebrated temple of Angkor Wat was far more extensive than previously thought, a study released Monday said.

Lost city of of Mu ‘found’

via ITN | GNN staff | Sun August 26, 2007
A Japanese explorer claims to have uncovered the location of the ruins of the lost city of Mu.

Egypt footprint ‘could be oldest’

via BBC | GNN staff | Wed August 22, 2007
Archaeologists in Egypt say they have discovered what might be the oldest human footprint ever found.

Don’t ruin our treasures— the Great Old Broads are watching

via Farmington Daily Times | GNN staff | Wed August 15, 2007
The Great Old Broads for Wilderness have one hand on their hips and the other extended, with a finger pointed at the group the women believe are crushing national treasures beneath their wheels.

Archaeologists discover 8-million-year-old forest in Hungary

via Yahoo! News | GNN staff | Mon August 06, 2007
Archaeologists have found an eight-million-year old forest of cypresses, well preserved and not fossilised, in Bukkabrany in northeastern Hungary.

Egypt’s Largest Pharaoh-Era Fortress Discovered, Experts Announce

via National Geographic News | GNN staff | Sat July 28, 2007
The largest known fortress from ancient Egypt's days of the pharaohs has been unearthed near the Suez Canal, archaeologists announced on Sunday.

Giant Prehistoric Tusks Found in Greece

via AP | GNN staff | Fri July 27, 2007
Researchers in northern Greece have uncovered two massive tusks of a prehistoric mastodon that roamed Europe more than 2 million years ago - tusks that could be the largest of their kind ever found.

Researchers Find Evidence of Hidden City

via AP | GNN staff | Fri July 27, 2007
Alexander the Great founded Alexandria to immortalize his name amid his quest to conquer the world - but his was apparently not the first city on the famed site on Egypt's Mediterranean coast.

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