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Congress Considers Tax Breaks for Hybrid Cars

via Planet Ark | Thu February 10, 2005
Buyers of gas-electric hybrid cars and other fuel efficient vehicles could receive bigger tax breaks under legislation reintroduced in the US Congress this week.

Coral reefs create clouds to control the climate

via New Scientist | Tue February 08, 2005
Research from the Great Barrier Reef off the Australian coast shows that corals are packed full of the chemical dimethyl sulphide, or DMS. When released into the atmosphere, DMS helps clouds to form, which could have a large impact on the local climate.

Fujitsu to Use 100% Biodegradable Materials for Packing Tape

via JCN Network | Fri February 04, 2005
Fujitsu Limited today announced that it will shift completely to the use of biodegradable plant-based materials for the manufacture of embossed carrier tape, used for packing large-scale integrated circuit chips (LSIs) when shipping them on reels. Fujitsu expects an 11% reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2 ) emissions by employing biodegradable plant-based materials to produce embossed carrier tape, in place of polystyrene, a material which was conventionally used in the industry.

France Plans to Triple Biofuels Output in Three Years

via Green Car Congress | Fri February 04, 2005
France unveiled details of its plan to triple the country?s biofuel output within three years and said it still hoped to meet the output target set by the European Union for 2010.

Some plugging in hybrids to save even more fuel

via USA Today | Sun January 30, 2005
Not long after Dan Kroushl got his new 2004 Toyota Prius, he began to wonder about the mysterious button on the dash. It didn't seem to have any function. Didn't boost the turbo or engage an ejector seat.

UN aviation agency hails cost saving, pollution reducing rules for the Americas

via UN News Centre | Tue January 25, 2005
New minimum vertical distance rules for aircraft flying over North, Central and South America and the Caribbean that have just come into force will lead to less fuel burn, less pollution from engine emissions and overall savings of nearly $6 billion over the next 15 years, according to the United Nations aviation agency.

Government mulls $3-billion Kyoto plan: source

via Globe and Mail | Mon January 24, 2005
After being battered mercilessly for lacking a Kyoto implementation plan, the Prime Minister's Office has drawn up a proposal that would fully meet Canada's target under the treaty, says a well-informed source.

Australian wind energy capacity doubled over past year

via Edie News | Sun January 23, 2005
Wind energy capacity has almost doubled in Australia over the last year, representing a milestone for this emerging industry, according to the Australian Wind Energy Association (AusWEA).

Ford Agrees to Sell Ranger Electric Pickups

via EV World | Thu January 20, 2005
As a Sacramento 'car-sit' enters day seven, Ford Motor Company has committed to reverse its unpopular decision to repossess and destroy its last zero emission Ranger EVs.

Portuguese airports start offering eco-friendly cars for rent

via Terra Daily | Thu January 20, 2005
Portugal's three busiest airports on Tuesday began offering arriving travelers the option of renting environmentally friendly gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles during their stay, environmentalists said.

Spray-On Solar-Power Cells Are True Breakthrough

via National Geographic | Wed January 19, 2005
Scientists have invented a plastic solar cell that can turn the sun's power into electrical energy, even on a cloudy day.

Ford to sell first hydrogen minibuses

via Financial Times | Fri January 07, 2005
The hydrogen-powered future of the car industry came a step closer on Sunday when Ford Motor announced the first commercial sale of a hydrogen vehicle and General Motors unveiled a breakthrough in fuel cells using the gas.

Green Christmas: Tips for an Eco-Friendly Holiday

via National Geographic | Sun December 26, 2004
Yes, the holidays draw out the best in most of us each year. But they also bring what seems like an environmentalist's worst nightmare: tons of extra garbage, millions of chopped-down trees, and megawatts of flashing lights. With a little tweaking, however, everything from holiday gift-giving to light-stringing can celebrate the environment, too. Here's how:

Italian Cities Clamp down on High-Polluting Cars

via ENN | Thu December 23, 2004
Citizens in one Alpine region of northern Italy have been walking or taking the bus to work since a curfew on more polluting cars and scooters came into force this month.

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