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US wind energy projects in 2005 to hit record level

via Planet Ark | Thu November 04, 2004
A record number of new U.S. wind energy projects is expected next year, spurred by Congress' decision to extend a federal tax credit for wind energy production, an industry trade group said.

Sunflower oil boost to car future

via BBC | Sun October 24, 2004
UK scientists have developed a process for making hydrogen from sunflower oil which could prove an important future source of eco-friendly energy.

FedEx plans California’s largest corporate solar power system

via San Francisco Business Times | Wed October 20, 2004
The largest corporately-owned solar electric system is planned for the roof of the FedEx hub at Oakland International Airport, the Memphis, Tenn., company says.

Europe’s wind energy future outlined

via Green Consumer Guide | Fri October 08, 2004
The Dutch EU Presidency's workshop on the development of offshore wind farms has called for increased development and better financial support from the European Commission, in order to get the full benefits from the technology.

Quebec announces $1.9 billion wind energy program

via CBC | GNN staff | Mon October 04, 2004
The Quebec government on Monday announced a $1.9-billion, eight-year investment in eight private wind farms in the eastern part of the province.

California approves world’s toughest vehicle emissions rules

via USA Today | Thu September 30, 2004
California has adopted the world's first rules to reduce greenhouse emissions for autos, taking what supporters see as a dramatic step toward cleaning up the environment but also ensuring higher costs for drivers.

Russian cabinet backs Kyoto Protocol

via CBC | Thu September 30, 2004
Russia's cabinet approved ratification of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change Thursday, moving the agreement one step closer to worldwide implementation.

Methane from landfill to fuel plant

via | Wed January 28, 2004
When it started up 122 years ago, the paper plant in St. J鲴me hummed along on hydro power generated from the Rivi貥 du Nord running by its doors. The water turbines later gave way to natural gas. Now the plant, owned by Cascades Inc., is about to move to a third-generation power source: Biogas siphoned off a landfill in the Lower Laurentian town of Ste. Sophie.

Chipmaker sees solar cell revolution

via MSNBC | Sat November 15, 2003
Promising a revolution in solar cells, Europe's largest semiconductor maker says it has discovered ways to generate electricity twenty times cheaper than today's solar panels. French-Italian chip maker STMicroelectronics said it expects to have the first stable prototypes by the end of 2004.

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