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Obama Administration bows to pressure, delays tar sands pipeline

via MongaBay | Sat November 12, 2011
In what can only be described as a major victory for green activists, the Obama Administration has announced it will delay a decision on TransCanada's controversial Keystone XL pipeline for 12-18 months.

Is Greener Air Travel on the Horizon?

via GreenBiz | Mon November 07, 2011
Technological progress is impossible to predict, but it's safe bet that we won't be flying solar- or wind-powered airplanes anytime soon. So the best hope of flying without emitting large volumes of greenhouse gases lies with biofuels.

Rating Your Toaster’s Lifetime Costs

via Discovery News | Wed November 02, 2011
When shopping for appliances, it’s easy to compare prices, but what about the cost to actually run a toaster, coffee maker or blender? A new testing service aims to do just that.

Skeptics catching up on climate science

via Discovery News | Sun October 30, 2011
A vocal global warming skeptic UC Berkeley professor Richard Muller is surprised to learn he was wrong.

Virgin claims its new jet fuel will have half the carbon footprint of others

via Gizmag | Thu October 13, 2011
Virgin Atlantic Airways is planning to capture gases from steel mills, to create a new low-carbon jet fuel.

College Campuses Dump Disposable Water Bottles

via Triple Pundit | Mon October 10, 2011
From Cornell to Stanford, college campuses across the U.S. are moving away from providing disposable plastic water bottles in vending machines, in cafeterias and during events like football games and student orientations.

Paris ready to turn ignition on electric car-sharing program

Story contains video via Financial Times | Fri September 30, 2011
Paris will on Sunday launch an ambitious electrically powered car-share service that it hopes will not only improve the quality of life in the City of Lights but also herald a revolution in sustainable urban transport.

Indonesian President vows to dedicate himself to forest preservation

via Eco-Business | Wed September 28, 2011
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said, during the last three years of his presidency, he would dedicate himself to efforts to preserve the country’s forests.

Activists worldwide push for leaving the fossil fuel age behind

Story contains video via MongaBay | Mon September 26, 2011
On six continents, in over 75 percent of the world's countries, people came out en masse yesterday to attend over 2,000 events to demonstrate the power of renewable energy to combat global climate change.

Social project uses pop bottles to provide indoor lighting for the poor

Story contains video via GizMag | Sat September 17, 2011
Perhaps you've performed that old camping trick before, where you created a lantern by shining a flashlight into a water-filled bottle. While that may have helped you find your marshmallows in the dark, imagine how much brighter that bottle would have been if it were lit directly by the Sun.

Germany proves the promise of renewable energy: hits 20 percent renewables

via MongaBay | Tue September 06, 2011
As many people in the United States question whether renewable energy is a viable alternative to fossil fuels, Germany now derives 20.8 percent of its electricity from renewable sources—a 15 percent increase since 2000, reports Der Spiegel.

Brazilian Wind Power Now Cheaper Than Natural Gas

via Triple Pundit | Sun August 28, 2011
Wind power in Brazil now costs less than natural gas. Brazil’s National Electric Power Agency held a series of energy auctions last week. During the auctions, 78 wind power projects, out of 92 projects, nabbed contracts.

Huntsman calls on US Republicans to accept science

via AFP via Yahoo | Tue August 23, 2011
Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman took a swipe at his rivals and warned his party against rejecting science in an interview that will air Sunday.

Renewable Energy Usage Surpasses Nuclear

Story contains video via Triple Pundit | Tue August 23, 2011
There are a ton of energy sources. Some are renewable, some not so renewable. On the renewable front, we have a bit of good news and a bit of not so good news. Good news, for the first time, renewable energy usage surpasses nuclear energy.

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