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Hope for more effective TB treatment

via BBC | Tue July 24, 2012
Hopes of a new, more effective therapy for tuberculosis have been raised following the results of early trials.

Genetic entrepreneur to compete in Genomics X Prize

via BBC | Tue July 24, 2012
A race to unlock genetic clues behind living to 100 is set to begin next year, after a US team announced it will compete for the $10m Genomics X Prize.

Gene therapy nears approval in Europe

via BBC | Mon July 23, 2012
Europe is on the cusp of approving a gene therapy for the first time, in what would be a landmark moment for the field.

Vaccine and antibiotics stabilized so refrigeration is not needed

via Intern Daily | Thu July 12, 2012
Researchers have developed a new silk-based stabilizer that will provide a new avenue toward eliminating the need to keep some vaccines and antibiotics refrigerated, which could save billions of dollars every year and increase accessibility to third world populations.

Ebola Virus Cured in Monkeys a Full Day After Infection

Story contains video via Popular Science | Thu June 14, 2012
The Ebola virus—one of the world's deadliest diseases—has a kill rate of 90 percent. That's largely because the best current treatment must be applied within one hour of infection.

Finnish Scientists Announce a Possible Universal Allergy Vaccine

via Popular Science | Thu May 31, 2012
Scientists at the University of Eastern Finland say they hope to have an allergy vaccine for everything - from pollen to cat hair - in five to seven years.

Nasa team find ‘new way’ to spot osteoporosis

via BBC | Wed May 30, 2012
Nasa scientists believe they have found a way to spot osteoporosis bone loss at the earliest disease stages.

Range of brain diseases could be treated by single drug

via BBC | Tue May 08, 2012
The tantalising prospect of treating a range of brain diseases, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, all with the same drug, has been raised by UK researchers.

Pancreatic cancer gene discovery

via BBC | Tue May 01, 2012
Less than one in five people with this form of cancer are still alive a year after being diagnosed. A recent discovery has revealed that a gene was being switched off in the cancerous cells and now new drugs are being developed to switch it back on.

Prostate trial ‘very encouraging’

via BBC | Tue April 17, 2012
A new technique to combat early prostate cancer may have far fewer side-effects than standard treatments, researchers say.

Amazon plant yields miracle cure for dental pain

via MongaBay | Sat March 24, 2012
The world may soon benefit from a plant long-used by indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon for toothaches, eliminating the need for local injections in some cases.

Device invented that can detect infectious disease in minutes

via Terra Daily | Mon March 19, 2012
Infectious diseases can spread very rapidly, so quickly identifying them can be crucial to stopping an epidemic. However, current testing for such diseases can take hours and days. But not for much longer.

Stem cells beat kidney rejection

via BBC | Sat March 10, 2012
An injection of stem cells given alongside a kidney transplant could remove the need for a lifetime of drugs to suppress the immune system, say scientists.

‘Promising’ pancreas cancer drug

via BBC | Mon February 20, 2012
Scientists say they may have found a new weapon against pancreatic cancer after promising early trial results of an experimental drug combination.

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