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Spinal injury regeneration hope

via BBC | Sun February 17, 2008
Scientists believe they are close to a significant breakthrough in the treatment of spinal injuries.

Bacteria tests in Arctic hamlet may unlock stomach cancer mystery

via CBC | Fri February 08, 2008
Hundreds of adults living in the small Arctic hamlet of Aklavik, N.W.T., joined a research study this week by getting tested for a stomach bacterium that may be behind the community's high incidence of stomach cancer.

Malaria jab hope over chimp virus

via BBC | Fri February 01, 2008
Scientists believe a chimp virus may hold the clue in the long-running battle to develop a malaria vaccine.

Breastfeeding may protect against asthma

via CBC | Mon January 28, 2008
Breastfeeding may be the key to protecting newborns against allergic asthma, new research from France suggests.

Newly identified HIV proteins could lead to AIDS treatments: study

via CBC | Fri January 11, 2008
Hundreds of new proteins critical in the spread of the HIV virus through the body have been identified by Harvard researchers, possibly opening the door to new treatment options.

Drug target to stop cancer spread

via BBC | Sun January 06, 2008
UK scientists have uncovered a vital clue to stopping cancers spreading around the body.

Drug target to stop cancer spread

via BBC | Sat December 29, 2007
UK scientists have uncovered a vital clue to stopping cancers spreading around the body.

Light activated cancer drug hope

via BBC | Tue October 30, 2007
Scientists say they may be able to make cancer-fighting drugs target tumours far more effectively by using ultra-violet light to activate them.

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