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Slow protein clearance ‘clue to Alzheimer’s’

via BBC | Sat December 11, 2010
Scientists suggest people with Alzheimer's disease clear a damaging protein from their brains more slowly than those who are healthy.

Child leukaemia drug boosts survival rates

via BBC | Fri December 03, 2010
Scientists are hailing a chemotherapy drug found to significantly increase the survival chances of child leukaemia patients whose cancer has returned.

Gene therapy ‘memory boost hope’

via BBC | Mon November 29, 2010
A gene therapy technique which aims to ease memory problems linked to Alzheimer's Disease has been successfully tested in mice.

Skin moles link to delayed ageing

via BBC | Wed November 24, 2010
Plentiful skin moles may keep you younger on the inside, say scientists.

Brain cancer ‘trojan attack’ hope

via BBC | Thu November 18, 2010
A tiny capsule could help smuggle anti-cancer drugs past a barrier designed to protect the brain from attack.

Stem cell jab ‘may boost muscle’

via BBC | Thu November 11, 2010
Muscle wasting linked to old age might one day be treated using stem cells, claim US scientists.

Cell find may aid cancer vaccines

via BBC | Mon November 08, 2010
A type of normal cell often found in cancerous growths may be the reason for the failure of anti-cancer vaccines.

Software creates 3D wiring maps of the brain

Story contains video via GIzMag | Wed November 03, 2010
Utilizing a recently-developed technique called HARDI (High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging), researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology have created a software tool that could reduce the need for exploratory brain surgery.

Breakthrough could pave way to cure for the common cold

via Toronto Star | Tue November 02, 2010
Scientists have discovered for the first time that the body can ambush the viruses that cause colds, killing them before they turn into coughs, sneezes and aches.

Good looks result of diet and exercise, not make-up

Story contains video via BBC | Tue November 02, 2010
A healthy diet and exercise can contribute to good looks more than make-up or cosmetic surgery, researchers have found.

Miniature livers ‘grown in lab’

via BBC | Sat October 30, 2010
Scientists have managed to produce a small-scale version of a human liver in the laboratory using stem cells.

Prostate cancer urine test breakthrough

via Nursing Times | Fri October 15, 2010
Scientists may have found a way to create the first effective urine test for prostate cancer.

Deaf people ‘can rewire brains’

via BBC | Fri October 15, 2010
People deaf from birth may be able to reassign the area of their brain used for hearing to boost their sight, suggests a study.

Cheek Swab May Detect Lung Cancer

via US News | Wed October 13, 2010
Early detection is critical for improving cancer survival rates. Yet, one of the deadliest cancers in the United States, lung cancer, is notoriously difficult to detect in its early stages.

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