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Belgium quits coal power with Langerlo plant closure

It is the end of an era for a dirty fuel that accounted for 27% of the country’s electricity generation in 1994.
"a significant step in the inevitable transition away from fossil fuels"
- Joanna Flisowska, CAN Europe campaigner

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Crowdsourcing the meaning of life

Life Means What, 3 years, 10 months, 3 weeks, 9 hours, 39 minutes ago, [PRESS RELEASE] comment
Humanity has been searching for “The Meaning of Life” from the beginning of time, but if could be argued that today – with global terrorism, ecological disasters, civil unrest, and economic meltdowns, etc.- life is more perplexing than ever before. If we don’t find answers to the big questions now, there may soon be no life left to interpret.

Energy from Solar Power now Cheaper than Fossil Fuels in 105 Countries

Solar installations are rocketing worldwide as solar electricity becomes cheaper than electricity from fossil fuels – it’s already happened in 105 countries.

Tesla Unveils Solar Powered Charging Stations

Tesla Motors unveiled the first of its six Supercharger stations in six California locations (Folsom, Gilroy, Coalinga, Lebec, Barstow and Hawthorne).

Jaguar conservation gets a boost in North and Central America

Jaguar conservation has received a huge boost in the past few months both in Latin America and in the U.S. An historic agreement singed between the world's leading wild cat conservation organization Panthera and the government of Costa Rica in addition to a new U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) proposal bring renewed hope to the efforts to revive the iconic jaguar in its current habitat and return the cats to the American Southwest.

Europe Now Creates Enough Solar Power to Fuel Austria

Europe now generates 52 gigawatts of solar energy, which is still only 2 percent of the continent’s total power output–but enough to fuel all of Austria according to various news sources.

Vancouver council makes ‘historic’ move toward shark fin ban

The City of Vancouver, BC will work with neighbouring municipalities to develop a ban on the sale of shark-fin products, mayor and council agreed Tuesday.

Robots join the fight against cancer

The researchers hope that snake robots could help spot and remove tumours more effectively.

U.N. hails 25-year ozone treaty for preventing disaster

The United Nations treaty to protect the ozone layer signed 25 years ago prevented an environmental disaster, a chief U.N. scientist said, cautioning though that the Earth's radiation shield is still under threat.

Canada will no longer oppose global fight against asbestos

The days of Canadian asbestos exports appear to be numbered, and anti-asbestos activists couldn’t be happier.

New monkey species discovered in Africa

A new species of monkey has been identified in Africa, the first one in 28 years, say scientists.

‘Stem cell hope’ for deaf people

UK researchers say they have taken a huge step forward in treating deafness after stem cells were used to restore hearing in animals for the first time.

Australia Acts To Stop Super-Trawler

The Australian government Tuesday sought to change its environmental protection laws to prevent a controversial super-trawler from fishing in its waters amid concerns about the by-catch.

Pakistan and India strike new visa deal easing travel

Pakistan and India have agreed on visa terms aimed at easing travel between the two countries.

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific bans shark fins as air cargo

Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific says it will stop carrying shark fins as cargo, bowing to pressure from groups concerned about cruelty and possible extinctions as China’s appetite for the delicacy rises.

Brazil humpback population on the rebound

Last year, nearly 11,500 humpback whales were counted off the coast of Brazil -- a new record, the Baleia Jubarte Institute cheered Sunday in a report.

Deaf girl fitted with bionic ear speaks her first word

Emily Small told her baby daughter Evie she loved her every day for 22 months, but the girl never heard her mother's words once.

Puppet experiment suggests humans are born to be fair

A psychological experiment using a simple game revealed that, by the age of just three, children choose to reward their peers based on merit. The children gave the puppet more stickers if it had "worked harder" - gathering more coins.

Obama Hikes Fuel Efficiency to 54.5 MPG by 2025

The Obama administration on Tuesday introduced new rules to double fuel economy for cars and light-duty trucks by 2025, a move that the White House says will be comparable to cutting a dollar a gallon from the price of gasoline and that auto dealers warned would raise the cost of a new car.

Hurdle cleared on total ban on child labour in India

Employing children below 14 years will now attract a maximum jail term of three years or a fine of up to Rs 50,000 with the Union Cabinet on Tuesday clearing a proposal by the Labour Ministry to completely ban employment of children below that age in all occupations and processes.

Bill Nye the Science Guy asks parents not to raise creationist kids‎

Creationists: Please don't teach your kids to deny evolution, begs science educator and television personality Bill Nye, who hosted "Bill Nye the Science Guy" in the 1990s.

Pairing ‘angels’ with cancer patients

Jonny Imerman is a cancer survivor who wants to make sure no young adult battles the disease alone. In 2002, he started Imerman Angels, a nonprofit that pairs cancer patients with cancer survivors for one-on-one support. The group has made more than 8,000 matches worldwide.

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Saved From illegal Logging

Illegal logging in the forests of Mexico that are the wintering grounds of the monarch butterfly has been virtually eliminated, according to a new study.

Myanmar government abolishes direct media censorship

Myanmar abolished direct media censorship on Monday, the latest dramatic reform by its quasi-civilian regime, but journalists face other formidable restrictions including a ban on private daily newspapers and a pervasive culture of self-censorship.

Johnson & Johnson Announces a Ban on Harmful Chemicals in Products

Johnson & Johnson made the landmark announcement this week that it would ban harmful chemicals from their products.

Madagascar Gets Biggest Lemur Park

Good news for lemurs: Officials in Madagascar have created the island's biggest protected wildlife park. Named Makira Natural Park, the area is larger than the state of than the state of Rhode Island, and it provides a habitat for the highest diversity of lemurs on the planet, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) announced.

Male contraceptive pill ‘step closer’ after mice studies

Scientists believe they are a step closer in the difficult journey towards developing a male contraceptive pill, after successful studies in mice.

Nanaimo latest B.C. municipality to ban shark fin

B.C.’s anti-shark fin movement is gaining momentum as Nanaimo becomes the newest municipality to become fin-free.

Spotting Cancer Cells in Blood With a 27-Picosecond Camera

A simple blood test that offers early detection of cancer in the human body has long eluded medical researchers, but a team at UCLA is getting closer.

Community-Owned Solar Power on the Rise in the U.S.

Conditions are right for growth in community-owned solar photovoltaic (PV) projects.

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