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Bio-Diesel Car Rental Opens in World’s Car Capital

by Pat Coate | March 02, 2006
"I've always wanted to come to Los Angeles. California is known as an environmentally friendly state and L.A. is the car capital of the world. What better place to do bio-diesel than Los Angeles?"
- Shaun Stenshol, Bio-Beetle Eco Rental Cars founder

"There are people who say it smells like popcorn, or french fries or doughnuts. But to me it is just a pleasant tang."
- Shaun Stenshol, Bio-Beetle Eco Rental Cars founder

Los Angeles, CA - A company offering rental cars powered entirely by bio-diesel set up shop in Los Angeles Tuesday, hoping to bring the aroma of popcorn and doughnuts to the city's smoggy freeways.

Bio-diesel costs $3.45 a gallon -- about $1 more than regular gas -- but the cars get between 400 and 800 miles per tank.

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