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Broadcasters ordered to dial down TV ad volume

May 08, 2012
"The rules we published bring us a step closer to our goal of eliminating loud TV ads. We have every expectation that the industry will take the necessary steps to meet our deadline and provide relief to viewers."
- Leonard Katz, acting chairman of the CRTC

Canada’s broadcast regulator has been asking TV providers to turn down the racket in loud commercials, and now it is making that an order.

On Tuesday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission published changes to some of its regulations that govern the broadcasting industry. Controlling the volume of commercial messages is now part of the rules that the companies that own TV channels, distribution systems such as cable and satellite services, and video-on-demand offerings, must follow.

The change to the rules comes after the CRTC gave notice last September, that the TV industry had one year to use international standards to control loudness in ads they put on television. TV companies must have the loudness under control by the start of the fall TV season this coming September.

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