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Energy from Solar Power now Cheaper than Fossil Fuels in 105 Countries

September 30, 2012
"Last year the data suggested that by 2020, 98% of the world population, would have access to solar power at the same price as residential power. But with the significant decreases in the cost of solar panels, there was an explosion in global PV installations over the past year, and the data now suggests that we'll reach this same goal by the end of this year."

Solar installations are rocketing worldwide as solar electricity becomes cheaper than electricity from fossil fuels – it’s already happened in 105 countries.

This is the tipping point where economics takes over from altruism and solar PV becomes a serious part of the global energy mix. The steady drop in cost-per-watt is great news for the end user and is enabled by simultaneous increases in cell efficiency and lower manufacturing costs.


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